K-Drama Reaction: Why Secretary Kim | Episode 10

The mystery is becoming clearer now.


Madam Choi (Kim Hye-ok) told her husband that she wants to finally reveal the truth about the decades-old kidnapping incident to their two sons. This proved my belief that they aren’t aware that Lee Young-joon (Park Seo-joon) has never really lost his memories of that fateful day. I also think that Secretary Kim Mi-so’s (Park Min-young) curious inquiries about whether Young-joon had changed his name triggered Madam Choi’s decision.

Ang just like what I’ve expected, Lee Sung-yeon (Lee Tae-hwan) felt so overwhelmed over his mother’s revelations. I think he’s the one who totally lost his memories about the incident, maybe because of guilt? I also think that he only heard the fragments of memories that he has about that day and started to believe that these were his own. But why did the parents allow this setup to continue for 24 years? Okay, it’s understandable that they wanted to protect Sung-yeon, but what about Young-joon? I think it’s very unfair for him to get all the blame from his hyung all the time when in fact, it was him who really suffered.

Now, about the identity of the woman who kidnapped the young Young-joon and Secretary Kim… who is she? Why did Mi-so called her ‘Auntie’? Did her father remarry after her mother died? It also looked like that woman committed suicide in front of the kids.

It seems to me that Secretary Kim’s sisters, just like Young-joon, are also hiding details about that incident from her. I remember that Kim Pil-nam (Baek Eun-hye) told Secretary Kim that she wasn’t kidnapped as a kid several times in the past episodes. Could it be because that woman used to abuse her before, and Pil-nam doesn’t want her dongsaeng to remember those painful memories anymore? But I think she can’t do anything about it now as Secretary Kim has finally recovered her lost memories that are probably too overwhelming for her to lose consciousness. Omo, I need to get ready for more revelations coming in the next episode!


Of course, this episode isn’t only about shocking revelations; this also gave us lots of fun moments from our main and supporting OTPs. Plus, we’ve also got a lovely cameo from Lee Min-ki and Jung So-min!

Young-joon proved not only to us, but also to Secretary Kim’s sisters that his feelings for their dongsaeng are sincere. Here’s how he did it!

Made a surprise appearance:

Ate marinated crabs like there’s no tomorrow:

Picked lots of clams, I mean A LOT:

Our supporting OTPs’ respective love lines are also developing well!

Mr. Yang Cheol’s (Kang Hong-suk) voice and gentleman nature are definitely winning Bong Se-ra (Hwang Bo-ra) over.

Meanwhile, I can’t understand why Go Gwi-nam (Chansung) is very concerned about his reputation. I mean, what’s so shameful in choosing to live a frugal life? Anyway, I’m considering his gesture to give Kim Ji-a (Pyo Ye-jin) cherry tomatoes as a welcome gift in the previous episode a big deal.

And finally, our Because This is My First Life couple is back as the Kim sisters’ parents. It’s just so beautiful to see them again together. Also, it’s nice that we were able to see a glimpse of how ideal Secretary Kim’s family is. She and her sisters grew up in a loving home even though they aren’t rich. It’s just very sad that Secretary Kim only has limited memories of their mother because she was too young when she passed away.

This made me understand why Kim Pil-nam (Baek Eun-hye) is very much concerned of her dongsaeng’s relationship with Young-joon. She just wants Secretary Kim to have a loving family of her own given the fact that she didn’t have much time spent with their mother. Don’t you worry, unnie. Young-joon will surely make Secretary Kim happy. I’m sure that you will never regret giving him your seal of approval. LOL.

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