K-Drama Reaction: Why Secretary Kim | Episode 9

I think I’ve already forgiven PD-nim because of this uber daebak episode. All the frustrations that I got from the past ones are now gone thanks to the overflowing skinship of our main OTP. LOL. I so much welcome the mature kind of love that this drama is presenting us, and I’m very much prepared for Lee Young-joon’s (Park Seo-joon) awakened desires. Omo!


Young-joon and Secretary Kim Mi-so (Park Min-young) are now officially a couple after the latter finally admitted to her boss that she likes him, too. And omo, this development showed us the other sides of Young-joon that we never thought existed. He’s maybe filthy rich, unquestionably capable, and exceptionally good looking, but he’s acting like just any other average guy when lovesick, and here are some of the proofs that we’ve got!

Young-joon can be as clingy as this, but who cares?

Young-joon can also be as demanding as this, but then again, who cares?

Young-joon can be as bold as this, but like I’ve said I’m very much ready for it! Rawr!


Office romance has a lot of perks, but it definitely has its disadvantages too especially if the one you’re dating is none other than your boss of almost a decade. There are habits that aren’t easy to remove, and it’s exactly what Secretary Kim is experiencing on the early days of her relationship with Young-joon, which is so understandable. But Young-joon seemed to be not very please about it so here’s what he did!

And everyone in the office is shooktd!

Young-joon definitely had good intentions, but this didn’t sit well with Secretary Kim, resulting in our OTP’s first official LQ. Oh no.

But I’m glad Young-joon listened to BFF Park Yoo-sik’s (Kang Ki-young) advice not to let misunderstandings last long.

Our OTP is already back to being lovey dovey when the gatecrashers a.k.a. the sisters suddenly came over Secretary Kim’s apartment, giving us this:

And this:

Omona, my naughty mind is now busy imagining scenarios that might have happened next! šŸ˜‚


I’m so much into our OTP’s romance in this episode that I almost forgot about the mystery behind that decades-old kidnapping incident, but not until Young-joon subconsciously responded to Secretary Kim when she called him ‘Sung-hyun’ oppa.

Can it be possible that my first theory was right? Young-joon is faking his selective amnesia to somehow protect his hyung, who I believe is the reason why our hero got kidnapped. I think the parents are letting Lee Sung-yeon (Lee Tae-hwan) believe his wrong memories to also protect him, but I don’t think they are aware that Young-joon can clearly remember everything. But why Young-joon had to change his name? Did he purposely do it so that Secretary Kim won’t be able to find him? But why? Let’s all find out in the next episode!

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