Unpaid salaries rumors threaten Four Men’s airing

Park Hae-jin’s Four Men might be shelved once again. This is following the reports that the drama has only shot four episodes’ worth of footage so far, and that the production is on a halt since May. There are also rumors that the cast and crew have not been paid, and that PD Jang Tae-yoo disappears without contact. Reports claim that PD Jang sought psychiatric help due to the stress caused by the drama’s problematic production, and that he even used his personal money to pay some of the crew members.

But Victory Contents, the production company behind the drama, denies the allegations regarding unpaid salaries and talent fees, and clarifies that the production would resume soon. The production company also claims that PD Jang is supposedly the one demanding for a higher salary.

It has been one bumpy road for the drama in terms of production and securing a TV network for its broadcast. It was initially picked up by SBS, only to be dropped last fall, around the time it lost its first director, PD Oh Jin-seok.

Four Men is being prepared for a November airing hopefully on TV Chosun, and is the prequel to Park Hae-jin’s JTBC spy comedy Man to Man. Also starring in this mystery romance drama are Nana (The Good Wife), Kwak Shi-yang (Chicago Typewriter), and Lee Ki-woo (Just Between Lovers).


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