New tvN drama woos Jeon So-min and Kim Ji-suk as leads

Upcoming tvN drama Top Star Yoo Baek (literal title) is currently courting Jeon So-min (Cross) and Kim Ji-suk (20th Century Boy and Girl) to lead its main cast.

The drama is about a popular celebrity who is sent to a remote island after causing major trouble.

Kim Ji-suk has been offered the titular role of Yoo Baek. He is an idol-turned-actor who doesn’t care much about his image or says whatever he wants to regardless of how other people might feel about it. Meanwhile, Jeon So-min is up to play Oh Kang-soon who operates a supermarket on the island. She has a carefree character who swims around to pick abalones and seaweed and easily breaks walnuts by cracking them on her head.

Looks like this would be a classic example of a bickering-turned-romance kind of drama but I remain optimistic because of the casting. Kim Ji-suk and Jeon So-min have always been great in comedy.

Top Star Yoo Baek is set to air in November.

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