K-Culture: Lesson 1 – Three Kingdoms


Sageuk dramas are like all-in-one package; there’s romance, family angst, politics, and of course, an instant history lesson. For many international viewers, Korean period dramas are the foremost introductory platform into the rich culture of the East Asian peninsula nation. Historical productions highlight Korea’s arts, architecture, and social order. Although many popular sageuk dramas contain dramatized version of historical events, one can’t deny that it still pushes its audience to search and read more about Korea’s past.

So, let’s make learning history more fun by discerning facts and fiction through our favorite sageuk dramas.

Three Kingdoms.png

If you search the start of Korea’s history, you would be lead to Gojoseon period (2333 BC – 108 BC), the earliest kingdom on record. But most known sageuk dramas actually starts with the Three Kingdoms Period, which specifically refers from circa 57 BC to 668 AD in Korean history. During this period, Korea is divided…

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