News Roundup: Park Seo-joon and Park Min-young’s dating rumor, Four Men production fallout, Kim Jung-hyun’s rude behavior, and more!

Here are the latest news that circulated in K-dramaland this week:

1. Park Seo-joon and Park Min-young deny dating news

Why Secretary Kim co-stars Park Seo-joon and Park Min-young deny dating speculations. Both agencies of the celebrities dismissed the claim and maintained that the two are just good colleagues.


2. Four Men production fallout continues

According to insiders, the filming for the Park Hae-jin and Nana-starrer Four Men is placed in halt throughout July.

Previously, production company Victory Contents, in charge of Four Men, revealed that they would attempt to sort out all issues regarding filming, conflict with the director, failed payments, and more by the middle of July. However, the actors, staff, and crew of drama currently do not have any schedules for July, with August quickly approaching.

It’s reported that various actors taking part in ‘Four Sons’ have sent requests to Victory Contents asking for their removal from the production, one of them is veteran actor Kim Chang-hwan; however, Victory Contents has yet to respond to any of the requests. The cast members of the production are continuing to argue that they cannot leave their schedules “free” in case filming begins back up indefinitely.


3. Shin Dong-wook confirms dating reports

A source from the actor’s agency Snowball Entertainment confirmed the dating reports and stated, “Shin Dong-wook’s girlfriend is a doctor of Korean traditional medicine, and she’s currently working outside of Seoul.” She is nine years younger than him and has always been a fan of him. The two of them officially started dating earlier this year.

Shin Dong-wook took a break from the entertainment industry for seven years after suffering from a rare disease called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CPRS) in 2010 and just made his comeback year.


4. Kang Han-na responds to Fantagio’s comment on her contract

Kang Han-na has addressed the situation regarding her contract with Fantagio through an Instagram post on July 25. The actress explained why she decided to terminate her contract with the agency

Kang Han-na wrote, “There was something I was unable to address today to the reporters at [the press conference], so I would like to do so. I submitted a notice mid-March in order to terminate my exclusive contract with Fantagio.

“Afterwards, I requested dispute mediation from the Korea Entertainment Management Association [KEMA]. I was present in person and directly gave my statements regarding everything related to the situation. I am currently waiting for the final decision of the dispute mediation from KEMA.

“I feel apologetic towards many people for causing worry today with the situation regarding my exclusive contract at a press conference where ‘Familiar Wife’ should have been the center of attention. Regarding my former agency, there will most likely be difficult moments moving forward, but I wish to try get through it well with a sincere mindset and conviction. I will commit myself even more to the upcoming drama and will work hard to show you a good side of me. Thank you.”


5. Song Jae-rim And Yoon So-hee join new agency following departure from SM C&C

Song Jae-rim and Yoon So-hee have joined a brand new agency!

Grand Anse Entertainment confirmed, “Song Jae-rim and Yoon So-hee will be embarking on a new start with brand new agency Grand Anse.” The two actors’ contracts with SM C&C recently expired. The agency is set up by a manager who worked with Song Jae-rim and Yoon So-hee their debuts.

Untitled collage (7)

6. Kim Jung-hyun draws flak for rude behavior during Time‘s press conference

Netizens are fuming towards Kim Jung-hyun during a press conference for their upcoming drama Time. The actor, who attended the junket alongside his co-stars Seohyun, Kim Jun-han, and Hwang Seung-eon, largely remained expressionless throughout the conference.

When a reporter asked if he wasn’t feeling well, the actor explained that it was because he’s trying to stay in character.

He said, “Both on and off set, I’m trying to live my entire life like Cheon Soo-ho. No matter the situation, whether I’m sleeping, or in between activities in the car, I’m trying to keep the person named Kim Jung-hyun from coming out and making any decisions.”

Toward the end of the press conference, Kim Jung-hyun, tearing up, said, “This character has taken over a lot of my life. I’m thinking a lot about what it is to immerse oneself into a character, and how that feels.”

The actor was also seen apparently refusing to lock arms with leading lady Seohyun.

7. Kim Ah-joong revealed to be involved in a car accident

Police have revealed that actress Kim Ah-joong was involved in a car accident earlier this week.

On July 22, while driving near the Hakdong intersection in Gangnam, Kim Ah-joong crashed with someone on a motorcycle crossing the street.

The 55-year-old driver of the motorcycle was transferred to a hospital for treatment. A source from police said that Kim Ah-joong admitted fault in the matter, saying that she missed the traffic light.

Kim Ah-joong left the scene of the accident due to work commitments after telling police that she would speak to them at a later date. It has been revealed that police will be summoning the actress into the station sometime next week for questioning.



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