K-Drama Reaction: Come and Hug Me | Episodes 19-20

The chains have been unlocked. The mysteries have been unveiled. The riddles have been answered. In the grand puzzle that Come and Hug Me is, the K-Drama genies have answered our plea to unmask the man in the shadows.

The Third Son

The creature lurking in the dark finally stepped out of the shadows and divulged to Yoon Hyun-moo who he is. He’s like an omnipotent being always following Chae Do-jin’s brother. Remember the time when Hyun-moo went to the set of Han Jae-yi’s drama? He was actually there pretending to be a staff and even approached Hyun-moo.

In the previous episode, he trumpeted how he was the one responsible for the recent attacks, and now he boasted that he sent the bloody hammer to the actress and the one who lured her to visit the set at night. He also admitted that he was the one who left the photos outside Hyun-moo’s room.

This psychopath described how he met Yoon Hee-jae while in prison. He joined Do-jin’s father in studying the bible. I felt chills when he said that he’s there to be redeemed while his eyes sparkle and looking at Hee-jae as if he’s a god. Their twisted relationship developed to the point that he calls Hee-jae as father.

Before being released, he even told Hee-jae that he’ll read his book again outside. Na-moo’s father advised him to do what he has to do one at a time.

The scene ended with him ridiculing Hyun-moo and telling him that he’ll be the one to finish appa’s autobiography.

Sweet Escape

Uri Na-moo and Nak-won went out to their first date. And yes, I am shamelessly jealous.

I can fully understand Nak-won when she can’t take her eyes off of Na-moo while he’s driving, I mean Jang Ki-yong is serving us some fine visuals here, people!

I thought they were going to kiss but thankfully they did not, kekeke, cause my heart is going to be ripped into pieces.

Ki-yong oppa’s cuteness can kill me, and I’ll gladly die and be resurrected by his smile.

Oh, and let’s not forget that tight hug in the end there. Jin Ki-joo, you lucky gal!

Tipsy Musings

Why do I get this feeling that Hyun-moo will make the greatest sacrifice in the end of this drama? The psycho son wannabe is lurking around Ok-hee and So-jin, and we all know that Hyun-moo cherishes them.

Gil Moo-won’s series of scary flashbacks is explained in this chapter. He pretended to be dead while a psycho killer, who murdered his parents, was cleaning his tracks and pouring gasoline in their house. He stabbed him while he was unaware.

Does anyone else heaved a sigh of relief when Hee-jae strangled Reporter Park or I’m turning into an evil thing myself?

My curiosity is killing me to find out who Jeon Yoo-ra is. Hee-jae’s psycho son wannabe told him that he’ll meet her in advance. Where does she fit in this bloodied puzzle?

Can I just say how freakingly annoyed I am with Police Officer Kang? Well, he turned out to be Reporter Park’s mole in the police station. His bigotry towards Do-jin for being a killer’s son is vomit-worthy.

Tipsy Findings

He may be a blood thirsty psychopath in this drama but actor Hong Seung-bum is a head-turner in real life.

This rookie actor also took part in the SBS drama Judge vs Judge which finished airing last January.

I’ll be looking forward to his next projects. He actually sometimes reminds me of Kwak Si-yang oppa.


❤ Things are not looking good for Hyun-moo. I think he’ll be blamed for Reporter Park’s death. Let’s see how many mysteries we can solve in the next episode.


~ Tipsy Ahjumma


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