K-Drama Reaction: Come and Hug Me | Episodes 21-22

Come and Hug Me Episodes 21-22 are like the prologue of a dark novel, the prelude of a gruesome movie. Let’s look at the scenes in this chapter that tell us we should hold on tight to our seats because the K-Drama gods are about to tell us a tale of whim and horror.

A Whiff of Terror

With all the prosecutors in Seoul, Yoon Hee-jae’s case for attacking Reporter Park was assigned to Gil Moo-won.  As expected, the monster appa wasted no time to instill fear in Gil Nak-won’s brother and even cited how both his biological and adoptive parents were murdered. Moo-won tried to play his mental game by saying how he feels bad for the psychopath since he was fooled by his 16-year-old son, but Hee-jae is such a pro that he silenced the prosecutor by saying everything gets ruined wherever he is.

Moo-won lost his composure when the psychopath asked him whether he’s not afraid to lose his sister.

The dark foreshadowing continues when Hee-jae’s face turned from bright to evil after witnessing Na-moo’s closeness with Police Officer Go. The thing I like the most about Hee-jae is that no matter how many times I watch his expression change, I still get scared as if I’m a step away from peeing my pants.

Also, frightening things are indeed waiting for us since Hee-jae is mulling over whom he should eliminate first, his son Na-moo or the source of his weakness a.k.a. Nak-won.

A new character also entered the scene. She’s meant to look fab but her shoes tell me she’s up to no good.

The police, finally, were able to find a lead on the possible attacker. They finally named the man in the shadows as Yeom Ji-hong. Chae Do-jin, after visiting Han Jae-yi and telling her to be careful, went to Ji-hong’s house where he was greeted by his brother wanna be in the most psychopatic way. The two had a muscle showdown and Do-jin called out Ji-hong’s use of hammer as mere child’s play and corny.

Ji-hong was not happy with Do-jin’s remarks and attacked him again. The episode ended with the gentle Na-moo smiling creepily like his father. Is there really a monster inside Na-moo just like what Hee-jae believed? And has it finally woken up?

Tipsy Musings

The day I fear the most came.

Yes, I feel the same Ki-yong oppa.

Sorry, Tipsy can’t come to the phone right now. Why?? Oh, ’cause she’s dead.

Tipsy Findings

Okay, Imma be generous this time around and share with you the episode when Ki-yong oppa spit some raps in JTBC’s Tribe of Hip Hop.

Here’s his Doom Dada performance.

And his rap battle with Michelle Lee.

You’re welcome. Kekeke.


❤ I bet we’re going to see another side of uri Na-moo in the coming episodes. Catch you then!


~ Tipsy Ahjumma


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