K-Culture: Korean Summer

Me and my squad live in a tropical country in Southeast Asia. It is normal for us to be battered down by typhoons and monsoon rains during the months of June to August. While most of the world enjoy the heat of the sun, we are trying to survive the cold weather in these months. As I’ve said, we’re used to this rainy season already but there are still days we wish we could just open a random door and be in another country. Because getting a Goblin boyfriend is as unlikely as a sunny day in our monsoon season, I thought of a way to escape this lonely weather through our favorite Korean dramas!

Korean Summer

If you’re one of those lucky few who can book a ticket now and fly to South Korea, your arrival will likely to be hot, quite literally. According to Visit Korea’s website, August is the hottest month in the country with the average temperature between 23 to 26 degrees Celsius (well, this is not as hot our normal daily temperatures in the Philippines but still warm compared to our current weather).

Maknae’s Fact: Korean has a monsoon spell too! It is called 장마 (Jangma), seasonal rain front that lingers across East Asia.


Summer Escapades ala Go Back Couple Squad

We all know we can’t be all lucky enough to fly to that East Asian peninsula even if we want to. Good thing, Korean dramas are there to bring summer feels wherever we are. Here’s the list of some go-to places and must-do things in summer as seen in Go Back Couple!

1. Have a picnic. Prepare your own meals or buy and put in a lunch box like Jung Nam-gil (Jang Ki-yong) did during his finale date with Ma Jin-joo (Jang Na-ra). You can also change from different outdoor locations like the Seodong Park and Gungnamji Pond. (But if you’re stuck in a rainy country like me, we could order some gimbap while watching this series instead *cries*)


2. Attend a festival. Since you can’t just barge into a school festival like the Hankook University students, check out this list of Summer Festivals you can attend and lose yourself in.

Go Back Couple school festival

3. Go on a spontaneous trip to the beach. Their unplanned trip to the beach was one of Choi Ban-do’s (Son Ho-jun) best moments for me. It showed he really knew how to make Jin-joo happy. But if the weather has rained on your parade, you can also choose from this list of water parks.


4. Watch the fireflies. Who wouldn’t love to spend a romantic night filled with beautiful lights around you?  The Muju County is quite known for its Firefly Festival where you can experience nature and folk culture.



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