K-Drama Reaction: Familiar Wife | Episode 1

Yay! The first thing that came to me when I watched the pilot episode was, “Is this another Go Back Couple or another Manhole or both?” Some people are bashing this drama because of its similarity with Go Back Couple, but I totally disagree with them. We always watch recycled drama plots about friends-to-lovers, tsundere characters, or cohabitation, so what makes time warp dramas any different? As long as the execution is good and you enjoy the show, go on! And this Ji Sung-Han Ji-min team-up is already one for the books, right? 🙂

Wife 1

The first episode pretty much gave us a sneak peek of the daily lives of our main leads, Cha Joo-hyuk (Ji Sung) and her wife Seo Woo-jin (Han Ji-min). This was where things were reminiscent of the GBC – the couple faced realistic situations wherein they constantly bickered on who will feed the kids, take them to school, or fetch them from the daycare center. Not to mention Joo-hyuk is a busy employee at KCU Bank who deals with customers who are applying for loans, while Woo-jin works as a massage therapist during the day and tends to the kids at night.

Wife 1 (3)

Because of an unfortunate event, Joo-hyuk failed to fetch the kids from the daycare center which caused the already stressed-out Woo-jin to explode in rage! Joo-hyuk felt like a battered husband who had to constantly fear for his life whenever he got the ire of his wife.

Wife 1 (1)

It also didn’t help when Joo-hyuk runs into his college crush, Hye-won (Kang Hanna) who has now turned into this pretty, established career woman from the US. Joo-hyuk’s imagination took us to their college days wherein he was head over heels in love with Hye-won, but eventually failed to start a relationship with her.

Wife 1 (4)

First batch of “What Ifs”:

  • Joo-hyuk did not help Woo-jin when she was sexually harassed at the bus on his way to meet Hye-won
  • Joo-hyuk helped Woo-jin but he still made it to the date with Hye-won
  • Joo-hyuk did not work as his Woo-jin’s math tutor
  • Joo-hyuk worked as Woo-jin’s tutor but he didn’t stay during her dad’s funeral

Wife 1 (7)

I know this drama would focus on the “what could have been” in Joo-hyuk’s life decisions, that’s why I listed these fateful events just in case these would come in handy when he goes back in time.

Wife 1 (5)

The episode ended with Joo-hyuk deciding to take a different route on his way home. I swear the “What If” situations in this drama are endless and obvious. Earlier that day,  he helped an old man at the subway, then the stranger gave him two old coins from 2006 which he used to pay for the toll fee at the highway. Suddenly, he woke up in his room from his college apartment, with his sister Ju-eun (Park Hee-bon) nagging at him, just as she had back then. When he checked the calendar, he was back in June 2006.

Wife 1 (6)


Why is he always running late???

Looking forward to more of the office hijinks with Yoon Joong-hoo (Jang Seung-jo) and Kim Hwan (N) 😂

Wife 1

Joo-hyuk’s inner thoughts got me hooked:

“Among all the strange things in this world, the strangest is love. You marry because you love each other to death. But you end up becoming enemies you want to kill. Furthermore, you run into many enemies in your life. Strongest and the most atrocious one is your wife.”

Wife 1 (2)


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