K-Drama Reaction: Familiar Wife | Episode 2

Is the time travel destination dependent on the coin? If Joo-hyuk (Ji Sung) uses another coin that’s not minted in 2006, will he still go to that year? It’s interesting how the time travel aspect is really shaping up now!

Wife 2 (4)

The episode started off with Joo-hyuk’s vivid dream of being a college student again. We saw familiar scenes that have already happened during his flashbacks, but the only difference was that he now had a scar from that motorcycle accident…

Wife 2

So when our hero woke up the next morning, he noticed this obvious mark, but disregarded it altogether. He went on to buy himself a gaming console (in secret) as his ever trusty stress reliever, but he ended up paying for it in an unexpected way at work and totally lost his chance for promotion.

Wife 2 (2)

Poor Woo-jin (Han Ji-min). She would be totally upset once she learned about this. Now that her mother is apparently developing dementia, she’s considering to send her to a nursing home. That only means she need money to pay for it. That’s why she was really upset when she learned that Joo-hyuk bought himself a new gaming console.

Wife 2 (1)

As much as I sympathized with Woo-jin’s sacrifices for their family, I personally didn’t like what she did with Joo-hyuk’s console! If she’s really mad that her husband bought something expensive without even telling her, they can just talk it out and resell the item. Now that it’s all drenched, she really threw cash into the waste bin. If only they would both talk things out instead venting their anger towards each other.

Wife 2 (3)

Now that Joo-hyuk figured out his ability to time travel, and eventually changed his wife, I wonder how things turned out for him in his career. Is he a boss now or is he still struggling in the corporate world?

Wife 2 (5)

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