K-Drama Reaction: Come and Hug Me | Episodes 25-26

With the monster out in the world, I expected evil to rule over all the chapters of Come and Hug Me. But a light shine through and swept away the dark clouds even for a moment. Let me share with you the scene that touched my heart in these episodes.

Hyung and Oppa, 13 Years After


It was in Eps 3-4 when Yoon Na-moo’s hyung and Gil Nak-won’s oppa first met, and let’s just say that having a bad impression on each other is an understatement. Throughout the drama, the difference of Yoon Hyun-moo and Gil Moo-won was always highlighted. The one being a gentle and caring brother, while the other was depicted as a troublemaker. The contrast between the two grew strong as they age. Moo-won is now a bright prosecutor while the rough Hyun-moo just got out of prison.

Remember the cam Hyun-moo always carries that has the footage of Reporter Park’s murder? Well, he visited Moo-won’s house to give it to him to aid in the investigation. This can be a bit surprising but what really made me invested in this scene was the words that came out of Na-moo’s brother.

It’s no shock that the two would have an argument. Moo-won was criticizing how Hyun-moo and Na-moo are just like their father. I became soft when Hyun-moo, who was always shown wanting to kill his younger brother, defended him by saying that Chae Do-jin is nothing like Yoon Hee-jae. He said, ” Yes, I stabbed Na-moo. But him? He held me close and didn’t even scream to save the brother who stabbed him.” He even emphasized how Na-moo offered his life to protect Nak-won.

But I think the killing part of this scene was when Hyun-moo told Moo-won how similar they are. And just like Moo-won, Hyun-moo’s words hit me. They may have contrasting traits in the surface but they are alike in many ways. They both feel that they failed to protect their home and family. And by what ever means, they are trying to turn it around now.

This is why I like K-Dramas. Often times, it’ll ask you to look beyond the horizon. It reminds you that the world and people are not just black and white.

Tipsy Musings

Okay, my big question from the previous chapters on how Hee-jae escaped is answered. After the prison bus crashed, Hee-jae got out but remained at the scene. He just stood outside feeling the air and was even shown surrounded by cops. My mind kept asking how the hell did he flee.

The answer lies with the crazy ahjumma Jeon Yoo-ra, who turned out to be a nurse. Hee-jae was hospitalized after the road mishap and Yoo-ra helped him secretly uncuff his hands. To cut the story short, Hee-jae used his dark power to escape the cops guarding him and drive away from the hospital in an ambulance driven by his son wannabe Yeom Ji-hong.

And speaking of Ji-hong, he’s been earning Hee-jae’s ire for always wanting to finish Na-moo. Ji-hong got frustrated and went to Nak-won but was caught in time by Do-jin.

The traitor Officer Kang gave the pen recorder to Reporter Han which contains the audio clip of Reporter Park’s murder. Reporter Han received it and already wrote an article about it, but I’m hoping that she has a cleaner conscience than the journalist slain by Ji-hong.

My fear for ahjussi a.k.a. Officer Go has came true. Hee-jae, who saw his sweet relationship with Na-moo and Ok-hee, murdered the person who was like a father to Do-jin.

Tipsy Findings

I’m so heartbroken by this but I just have to share it with you. Here’s an english-subbed behind the scene clip of Jang Ki-yong oppa and Jin Ki-joo’s kissing scene.


❤ The episode ended with Hee-jae visiting Ok-hee. I’ll pray to the K-Drama genies to keep her safe. Catch you then!


~ Tipsy Ahjumma


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