K-Drama Reaction: Life | Episode 2

Are they human too? Apparently, they are.

The Other Side

We saw the other side of the story in the second episode of Life. Goo Seung-Hyo (Cho Seung-woo) was finally introduced. The suspicion of the hospital staff was right. The newly appointed President is running the hospital like any other business. Seung-hyo is applying the same principle he has on running a logistics company; lessening the expense and increase income. The steps he took was purely for financial gain and not for charity.

The sudden change of the narration’s point-of-view was refreshing. I think if they didn’t do that the series would have been a bit monotonous with all those walking and meetings going on. Also, Seung-hyo seems to be a heartless businessman but he showed a bit his warm side when he let sleep Joo Kyung-Moon (Yoo Jae-Myung) in the emergency room.

Talk About Ethics

The introduction of Seung-hyo also brought about another argument in the standoff between the management and the hospital staff. I do agree that the doctors have the right to question anything to do with their employment but Seung-hyo was also right when he pointed out that their rural medical system lacks manpower. Their big hospital can provide that. He could have convinced me that the doctors are being hypocritical with their opposition if I didn’t know Seung-hyo’s hidden agenda with his decision.

A Different Battle

I’m bothered with Dr. Ye Jin-woo’s (Lee Dong-wook) demeanor. His recent actions were prompted by his mentor’s death but it seems he knew more than what he revealed. Or it might be that he is suspecting there is more to it than just embezzled funds. There were no further details revealed but his actions were noticed by Seung-hyo. The latter’s interest was piqued when Dr. Ye questioned him during their conference meeting. I really love that short confrontation. The two actors managed to make it intense despite their stoic characters.

Maknae’s Episode Verdict

The details in the series were not that blistering but the color, directing, and music makes everything in this more dramatic. I’m also thankful for some comic reliefs as it served as a quick and needed break from the all the power plays in the episode. These interactions also make the characters more humane and luring. Now that the people on the battlefield have been introduced, the excitement for the next episode is slowly creeping in.

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