K-Drama Reaction: Life | Episode 3

It’s becoming more apparent that there are no clear heroes and villains in this series.

The Spy

We’ve seen someone named ‘Glutton’ report insider information to President Goo Seung-hyo (Cho Seung-woo). It turned out to be Sun Woo-chang (Tae In-ho) and not the Deputy Director Kim Tae-sang’s (Moon Sung-geun) . As the code name of his spy suggests, Seung-hyo knew Woo-chang’s love for money and is using it to get insights. It just proved that Seung-hyo is not really trusting the old man. Remember that he even kept the police detective’s calling card after he was asked about the death of Director Lee Bo-Hoon (Cheon Ho-Jin). This businessman surely has good instincts when it comes to people’s ambitions. It was also a warning for me as an audience that in this series, anyone can betray anyone.

The Rebels

Dr. Ye Jin-woo’s (Lee Dong-wook) machination was immediately busted by the quick-witted Seung-hyo. Dr. Ye has kept his faux ignorance with the matter but he was already cornered. He thought Joo Kyung-Moon (Yoo Jae-Myung) betrayed him and revealed his identity to Seung-hyo. He was, of course, wrong. The kind doctor won’t betray him.

Like the late Dr. Lee, Dr. Joo seemed to be fond of the impassive ER doctor. He really cared for Dr. Ye. He even went to Seung-hyo and take responsibility for the scandal. But of course, the President already knew who it was so he was mocked for his martyr actions. Despite Seung-hyo’s derision, Dr. Joo’s action actually saved Dr. Ye.

The General

Seung-hyo might act like a king but he is just following orders. He was put in that position because of his capabilities. There is no doubt he is still human and that he can actually feel and show emotions. He and Dr. Ye are definitely both anti-heroes. They can be tough but they are still sympathetic towards others. I want to see more of their personal stories especially the very charismatic Seung-hyo.

Maknae’s Episode Verdict

I badly want to know the backstory of these characters. Even just a glimpse would do. Their current actions, especially Seung-hyo, is frustrating. He is like a tsundere character and is trying hard to suppress his warm characteristic. We have seen pieces of Dr. Ye’s past so I kind of have an idea of why he acts that way. I hope the next episodes would give us more details about Seung-hyo. He is one of the reasons this drama is intriguing despite being a bit too dreary for my taste.


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