K-drama Reaction: Life | Episode 4

This feels like a modern-day civil war.

The Threat

Goo Seung-hyo (Cho Seung-woo) allowed the Restructure Team from the Headquarters to start its audit of the hospital departments. Most were intimidated by the thug-like group gathering medical records but some stood their ground. Neurosurgeon Department Chief Oh Se-hwa (Moon So-ri) has proved she’s not one to easily back down. I like how she boosted her juniors’ morales after being threatened by the suit-wearing team sent by the President. She may not be likable to some but she is proving one headstrong character that Seung-hyo should watch out for.

The raid-like audits resulted in the discovery of a medical error from the Cancer Center. The confrontation was my favorite part of this episode. I do agree with Seung-hyo but the doctors have also presented a convincing excuse. And yes, no matter how compelling their reason is, it is just an excuse for me.

It actually made me realize that we put doctors on a pedestal. We expect them to be perfect when in reality they can make mistakes. After all, they are just humans. What enrages me (and Seung-hyo too) the most is the way they tried to hide their mistake. It has become their norm. And someone from the outside can’t understand that culture.

The Negotiation

Before all those confrontations happened, Seung-hyo was at the countryside to acquire a land from an elderly couple. He used his charisma to convince the couple that they are better off selling the land. Despite the obvious deceit in his words, I noticed that Seung-hyo really listened to their stories. He almost stopped them from signing the contract but his ambitions weigh more for him. He is aware that he is serving a greedy king but for some reason, he just followed his orders. I want to know why. He seems to be a good person but he must have some reason why he worked tirelessly for that company.

The Strike

The doctors have decided to go on a partial strike in order to gain the public’s support. It was their way of showing they will not just stand idle in a middle of an obvious war. They might be divided by their different views and personalities but they are united with one cause. They don’t want the change being imposed on them. I actually find their ways very self-serving but because I knew the real reason for the restructuring, I can’t really hate the doctors for fighting back.

Maknae’s Episode Verdict

This is what the story premise has vowed to give – power struggle in a big hospital. It may sound a bit drab when put that way but this series’ strength is making such dull thing seem intriguing. Throughout the episode, it felt like watching a Sageuk filled with manipulating ministers and an evil king. Surprisingly, it wasn’t heavily carried by the main characters alone. Each character makes a difference in the series. The stand-out for me in this episode is Chief Oh and Seung-hyo’s Secretary, who openly voiced her opinion to the medical error fiasco. I think she keeps Seung-hyo grounded. She also provided some cheerful moments for us, the audience, to laugh at.

I’m placing a sacrifice to dramagods that the series’ plot won’t be stretch too much and the writers introduced some plot twist along the way.

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