K-Drama Reaction: Come and Hug Me | Episodes 29-30

One tragic night 12 years ago, a monster told a pretty girl that he will meet her again in the future. From then on, the pretty girl wished that promise is meant to be broken.

A Promise Fufilled

It may be years in the making but Yoon Hee-jae sure was honest to his words when he told Gil Nak-won that he’ll meet her again. So, how did he fulfill his promise?

After the police issued an arrest warrant vs Hee-jae and Jeon Yoo-ra, the latter called Chae Do-jin that she’ll want to surrender. For what ever reason there is under the heavens, Do-jin believed her easily and agreed to meet up. Maybe he was emotionally and mentally stressed that he forgot how cunning this ahjumma is and met her without precautionary measures. In short, Yoo-ra successfully tricked her.

On the other hand, Jae-yi and Mr. Pyo were on their way to visit the graves of Nak-won’s parents when they saw a stalled vehicle blocking the way. And I can’t seem to understand why cops are being portrayed incompetent in this episode but Jae-yi’s escorts were killed by the ahjussi-ahjumma duo easily.

Fast forward, Jae-yi, with her hands tied, is now facing the monster who promised to meet her 12 years ago. But unlike that tragic night, Nak-won is now braver. She may be crumbling inside but she did not let Hee-jae win by seeing her fear. She courageously stand her ground, defending how Yoon Na-moo is nothing like Hee-jae.

For the whole duration of the show, Hee-jae has been pointing to that night when Na-moo fought him as a proof that he’s a monster like him. But I think the psychopath is missing one thing. While he swings his hammer to hurt, Na-moo uses his to protect. And I think that alone is enough reason to believe Jae-yi’s words that even if she dies in Hee-jae’s hands, Do-jin will never be like his father.

The Reunion

Hee-jae has always looked at Na-moo as his successor and alter ego. He believes in the darkest pits of his heart that his favorite son is someone like him and should follow his wicked path.

Do-jin arrived at his father’s dog farm looking for Nak-won, and Hee-jae greeted him like nothing bad happened. The psychopath even reminded his son how appa will personally eliminate those who make Na-moo weak. Of course, Do-jin responded angrily and aimed his hammer at Hee-jae.  The scene ended with the father and the son engaging in a scuffle. How will this reunion end up? I guess will find out in the finale.

Tipsy Musings

It’s settled. I like Reporter Han. I appreciate how she tries to only report the truth and all sides of the story. I also respect how she admitted that she used to look down on Do-jin just because she’s a “normal” person while he’s the son of a murderer.

Lastly, I admire how she calls out Officer Kang’s hate towards Do-jin, and a fellow reporter who wants to write an early story on Jae-yi’s death.

Yoon Hyun-moo and Gil Moo-won continue to have this unique bond that I really like. The latter consulted Do-jin’s hyung on the possible places where Hee-jae might be hiding.

I felt really bad for Do-jin’s beautiful and thoughtful hoobae, Lee Yeon-ji, who obviously has a crush on him. My heart suddenly went pit-a-pat and du-geun du-geun when she insisted to drive for Hyun-moo. What made it really cute was that she gave out excuses to drive for him after seeing that his hands were trembling. The ship is sailing!

Tipsy Findings

I really want to be selfish with these videos but I think the K-Drama gods will bless me if I share these with you, kekeke. You’re welcome! ❤ ❤ ❤

Here’s the english subbed episodes of Jang Ki-yong oppa’s Video Diary. ❤


❤ Will Na-moo win against his appa? Will Moo-won arrive in time to save Do-jin and Jae-yi? What will happen to Hyun-moo? See you in the finale!


~ Tipsy Ahjumma

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