K-Drama Reaction: Familiar Wife | Episode 4

I totally understand the ratings increase… This show is just killing it! I loved everything about this episode, especially the Woo-jin scenes!

Spoiled bratinella

Hey, we all knew this is bound to happen, right? Hye-won (Kang Hanna), being the rich urban girl that she is, apparently feels uncomfortable with her own in-laws. I also didn’t particularly like how Joo-hyuk (Ji Sung) handled the situation, but I’ll forgive for now because he is still adjusting to this new revelation about his “new” wife’s real personality.

Wife 4 (2)

I was just disappointed that he didn’t stand up for his parents when his wife became unwelcoming. He knew she had the tendency to act spoiled in every way possible, he should’ve known better when to take control of the situation. I’m just thankful that Joo-eun (Park Hee-bon) is just a neighborhood away from them, so I didn’t have to worry about their parents so much. Also, why am I so used to seeing Kang Hanna doing eye rolls while getting into my nerves?

Wife 4

Familiar Wife AND Husband

Joo-hyuk got another shock of his life after his original wife Woo-jin (Han Ji-min) was assigned to his branch from the KCU headquarters. However, the new Woo-jin seemed to be very different from his own memory of her. Everything he likes about Woo-jin also unconsciously happened in this alternate timeline. I like how Joo-hyuk is now conflicted of his own emotions now that he sees that Woo-jin turned out to be a very warm person towards other people. And because keeping Woo-jin around the corner would do him no good, he spent the entire episode pestering her to make her quit!

Wife 4 (3)

Good thing, Woo-jin isn’t the type to easily give up and Joo-hyuk’s efforts were futile. Especially now that his current married life isn’t really going with his expectations, it’s hard to see his original spouse every now and then. I know what he did with his original kids in the real timeline was harsh and selfish, but this immature Joo-hyuk is now slowly learning the hard way. I hope.

Wife 4 (1)Wife 4 (2)

Now for the fun cliffhanger: while Joo-hyuk was walking around Woo-jin’s neighborhood and reflecting about his past relationship with his wife, his mom-in-law/Woo-jin’s mom happened to recognize him! I was dumbfounded because I didn’t expect this cool twist! How could eommeoni, who has dementia, be able to recognize her son-in-law’s face when she can’t even recognize her own daughter’s face sometimes???? Can’t wait for the next episodes!

Wife 4


I feel like Seo Woo-jin is my new spirit animal

Wife 4 (3)

Only Woo-jin could put on a romantic twist in Math! Who would have thought that the number zero could be in love with addition?

Wife 4 (1)

Best confession line this 2018 so far!

Wife 4 (4)




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