Kim Hee-sun, Kim Young-kwang and more confirmed for Room No. 9

Upcoming tvN drama Room No. 9 has secured its line-up with Kim Hee-sun (Woman of Dignity), Kim Young-kwang (The Man Living In My House), Kim Hae-sook (About Time) as its main stars.

Room No. 9 is a drama about an ambitious lawyer and a deathrow convict whose souls are switched and the man who holds the key to changing back their fate. Kim Hee-sun is set to play lawyer Eulji Hae-yi who flatters people with power but looks down on people who are poor. Kim Hae-sook plays Jang Hwa-sa, the inmate whose soul will interchange with Hae-yi in a reason still undisclosed.

Kim Young-kwang is set to take on the role of Hae-yi’s boyfriend Ki Yoo-jin, a family doctor who hides a cruelty behind his gentleman facade.

Another actor joining the show is rapper ONE (Hwayugi) who’s been tapped to play Ki Chang-Sung, a rare genius in the top 0.01 percent of population, but lacks the ability to control his emotions and feelings.

Room No. 9 is set to air this September in tvN.

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