K-Lookbook: How not to be awkward on your Instagram photos

The background is perfect. Your OOTD is flawless. Your make-up is stunning. But your photos still look stiff and unnatural. If you often find yourself standing awkward in front of the camera, this article will surely save your life, or at least your social media feed.

Goodbye Akwardness 101

These Korean celebrities have mastered these easy to pull-off poses that will surely hide any timidness and showcase the gorgeous you.

1. Am A Flower. We’ve seen this pose used by many Korean actresses. Cradle your pretty face in your hands to exude the cuteness you were hiding.




















2. The Audrey Hepburn. This seemingly effortless pose can make you look chick or wicked like Yoona in these two different photos.


























3. Hand on your Hair. This plandid (planned candid) pose is a personal favorite whenever I ran out of ideas for my next Insta post. It’s also my go-to pose when I don’t know what to do with my hands.



































Maknae’s Tip: Know your angle. You or your #bff will have an easier time getting a good photo if you knew which angle you look best.







4. Prop It Up. Another #lifehack for those who always look uneasy in photos. Pick up your drink, a book, or a flower and you’ll gather plenty of likes in no time.





Shin Se-kyung













Maknae’s tip: If you will take a standing photo, place one foot in front and point your toe to make your legs elongated.


5. The Look-back. This very simple pose is an Instagram staple whether you’re a celebrity or not. You can act like someone called you just like what Park Shin-hye did or turn halfway like Jung So-min.






You can follow one of these poses or combine them as you wish but remember it’s your genuine smile that will win hearts in social media and in real life.

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