Park Bo-young cast in tvN’s new drama Abyss

Isn’t it a breath of fresh air when casting is made without all the dramas that are usually plaguing the process?

Park Bo-young (Strong Woman Do Bong-soon) has been cast as the female lead in upcoming tvN drama Abyss. The fantasy drama is about a beautiful, perfect female prosecutor and a man who’s described as one of the ugliest 0.1% in society. But, one day they come across a magical pearl (in some reports it’s abread), which causes the two individuals to switch places: the prosecutor is now a  totally plain-looking girl while the ugly man as a gorgeous flower boy. Exciting!

I’m curious whether Park Bo-young will play the two versions of her character or they’ll cast an entirely different actress for the ‘beautiful’ one but I’d like that they’ll choose the former. Meanwhile, no actor has been announced yet for the lead male role so go and pitch all you want!

Abyss is set to air next year on tvN.

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