Movie Review: Once upon a Time Ha Ji-won Did Sex Is Zero (2002)


You can’t call yourself a true blue K-Drama fan if you don’t know the amazing Ha Ji-won. Her immensely successful dramas such as Something Happened in Bali (2004), Secret Garden (2010), and Empress Ki (2013) catapulted her to fame, making her one of today’s most popular figures in the Korean entertainment industry.

Currently, Ha Ji-won is making waves aboard her ongoing human medical drama called Hospital Ship. But did you know that before she achieved her Hallyu status, she did a movie wherein the genre is so far from the dramatic style that she’s best known for? Now curious of what it is? It’s the American Pie-ish sex comedy film titled Sex Is Zero.

This film that follows the sexcapades of a group of college students was the fifth most popular movie in Korea in 2002, selling over four million tickets locally. PD Yoon Je-kyoon’s writing and directing…

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