K-Drama Reaction: Life | Episode 6

Election time is here!

The Supporters

The doctors at Sangkook University hospital have just recently bonded together to fight an outsider President and prevent him from ruining the status quo. But this bond is being threatened by their self-interest and ambitions. The first female neurosurgeon Chief, Dr. Oh Se-hwa (Moon So-ri ), supports Deputy Director Kim Tae-Sang’s (Moon Sung-Geun) claim in the coveted Hospital Director position but it is because she wants to claim Deputy Director seat. The other players (aka the section chiefs) haven’t declared their affiliation yet as the choices are not yet known. Dr. Kim was an obvious candidate but Dr. Joo Kyung-moon (Yoo Jae-myung) was beginning to attract attention as well. I wouldn’t count the Cancer Centre Chief anymore as the recent controversy of his section obviously makes him a less appealing candidate. Dr. Joo, on the other hand, may seem the underdog but he actually has good people behind him including Dr. Ye Jin-woo (Lee Dong-wook). He could also gain the support of those who liked the late Director Lee Bo-hoon (Cheon Ho-jin). Anyway, these are just mere speculations but in the end, I wouldn’t be surprised if these snobbish doctors chose their fellow Sangkook alumni. They have proven their hypocrisy in the past already.

The Campaign

Dr. Kim doesn’t have a known opponent yet but he is all out on campaigning. He sought out the support of the section chiefs by vowing to oust President Goo Seung-hyo (Cho Seung-woo). On the other, he also went out with President Goo and tried to convince him that he would become a good ally. This two-face old man surely knows how to do politics. He is a scheming power-greed doctor but I doubt he’ll have what it takes to fight President Goo. Also, President Goo is gaining his own support base from the hospital staff. Pediatrician Lee No-eul (Woo Jin-ah) is the first to believe that President Goo is not pure evil. She sees the human in this powerful man. President Goo’s reforms are also gaining favorable feedback from the rank and file. It’s not a one-vs-100 fight anymore. The General is gaining soldiers.

The Candidates

I’m talking about another kind of election here. It seems like writer-nim wants to introduce a loveline in this series. As I mentioned earlier, No-eul sees President Goo differently and the latter seems to be interested in the petite doctor. She has piqued the busy man’s interest. I doubt it was intentional as we all know that No-eul is involved in a ‘some’ relationship with Jin-woo. They both deny this of course but we have our own eyes. We see it differently. I personally prefer reporter Choi Seo-hyun (Choi) for Jin-woo though. I think she matches him better. No-eul can be with President Goo instead (sorry, No-eul x Jin-woo shippers).

Maknae’s Episode Verdict

Finally! The series is taking a more balanced approached in their storytelling. I thought we will always have tension-filled episodes each week. The personal stories of the characters are a good breather or break from the main plot. This addition of subplots makes the whole series more entertaining and intriguing. But I’m quite worried that it would overshadow the thematic elements introduced in the first episode.

Dongsaeng’s Afterthoughts

-They sibling-zoned each other lol

-For an oppa who will take us home when we’re tired from work, we pray.

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