K-Drama Reaction: Familiar Wife | Episode 7

“There is no correct answer in love.”

I like this newfound friendship between Woo-jin (Han Ji-min) and Joo-eun (Park Hee-bon) in this alternate timeline. We all know they were not really friends in their original lives as the real Woo-jin was aloof towards the real Joo-eun. Or maybe because Woo-jin was just too stressed out to make friends, and this new Woo-jin had all the time in the world to mingle with other people.

Wife 7 (1)

So now in this alternate universe, Woo-jin found herself a confidante in the name of her real sister-in-law. Maybe this is what made them click even though they are unaware of it. They used to be a family in their real lives, and since our friends are the family we choose, the universe made sure that their fates will meet in this timeline, too.

Wife 7 (2)Wife 7 (3)

Going back to the story, Woo-jin feels conflicted about her feelings towards Jong-hoo (Jang Seung-jo). She was caught off guard when Jong-hoo confessed her feelings to her, and she feels like she is falling for someone else. Woo-jin eventually decided to try dating Jong-hoo for a month, which made Jong-hoo very much elated. Gahhh, I love Jong-hoo so much. The new couple decided to keep their relationship a secret from their workmates at the bank, but they told Joo-hyuk (Ji Sung), Joo-eun, and Sang-sik (Oh Eui-sik) about it.

“Memories over love”

After hearing the sad news that Woo-jin and Jong-hoo are now dating, Joo-hyuk couldn’t help but reminisce their past together. He remembered Woo-jin’s failed college entrance exams, her secret part-time job, and their first kiss. We learned that Joo-hyuk initially didn’t want her to be his girlfriend, but couldn’t contain himself from kissing her when she starting working as a part-timer at a bar in secret. He felt protective of her. It was so sweet I was teary-eyed while watching the old Joo-hyuk painfully looking back at one of his memorable moments with Woo-jin.

Wife 7 (9)

It’s a bit unfair though for Woo-jin and Jong-hoo’s part because they were unaware of their original selves because of Joo-hyuk’s actions. I know that Woo-jin is having weird dreams about her real self, but she is still unaware that somewhere in a parallel universe, she is living as Joo-hyuk’s wife and not as a single bank employee. And also, it’s Joo-hyuk’s fault that they are in this situation, so even though I know Joo-hyuk feels hurt right now, I can’t help but blame him for getting himself into this mess.

Wife 7 (10)

Couple trip gone wrong

Because it’s the wedding anniversary of Sang-sik and Joo-eun, they proposed that they all go on a couples’ trip, and Joo-hyuk brought Hye-won (Kang Hanna) along. It was a disaster waiting to happen for Hye-won who made sure to let everyone know how uncomfortable she was with this set-up. She kept on ranting about how small the rented house was, basically she complained about everything. And because madame Hye-won couldn’t live without air-conditioning unit, she blasted the air cooler on, which caused Woo-jin to have a fever. (She is allergic to air coolers)

The nonchalant Joo-hyuk also could not help but be bothered by Woo-jin and Jong-hoo’s closeness. My favorite scene in this episode was when Joo-hyuk scoured every street just to look for Woo-jin’s medicine, only to lose her to Jong-hoo. Not only that, when Jong-hoo and Woo-jin returned from the hospital, Joo-hyuk even saw the new couple and mistakenly thought they were kissing.

This made me thin: Joo-hyuk is working in a bank so why didn’t he started looking for a 2006 coin earlier? He needed to witness his real wife kissing another man to shock him to the bone and realize what he did was outright selfish and wrong. Not complaining, just saying! But I felt really giddy after he finally found another old coin! Time to go back, Joo-hyuk ssi!


Mom-in-law is making me teary-eyed

LOL I am falling even more in love with Jong-hoo. Please end up with Woo-jin in this timeline, please!

Haha Hye-won got the shock of her life when gold-digger jerk ignored her in broad daylight! I know it’s just his tactic to play hard to get, but it’s just funny to see Hye-won not being chased after by her boy toy.

Wife 7 (6)

This is so far my favorite OST:


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