News Roundup: Yoon Doojoon’s military enlistment, Nana’s exit from Four Men prod, and more!

Missed the latest news in the K-drama world? We got you, fam! Here’s our weekly roundup for the busy K-drama bees!

1. More supporting characters confirmed for the K-drama adaptation of So I Married An Anti-Fan

Supporting Cast

Kim Min-kyu (Because This is My First Life), Kim Sun-hyuk (1% of Anything), Kim Ha-kyung have all been set to join the upcoming drama remake of So I Married An Anti-Fan, which will be topbilled by Sooyoung and Choi Tae-joon.

2. Yoo Jae-myung to tie the knot with longtime girlfriend

Yoo Jae-myung

Character actor Yoo Jae-myung (Life) is reportedly marrying his girlfriend of five years on October 21 in a private ceremony in Seoul. His bride is a theater actress who is twelve years his junior. We all know this ahjussi in his appearances in Reply 1988, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Hwarang, and Wise Prison Life. Congratulations! 🥂

3. Another setback hits Four Men as Nana officially left the drama production

Four Sons

After School’s Nana reportedly terminated her contract with the drama production Four Men (also called Four Sons), her agency Pledis Entertainment confirmed. They will also seek legal action later on.

Embattled pre-produced drama Four Sons has found its new PD following the exit of PD Jang Tae-yoo. It will be now be handled by PD Kim Jae-hong, and all the actors were reportedly informed about the change in direction. However, the production’s filming schedule is still on hold as the new PD have decided to edit its script and convince Kim Chang-won (My Love from the Star) to rejoin the cast.

4. Kim Jae-won considers joining Ryu Deok-hwan in OCN’s upcoming drama God Quiz: Reboot


The actor’s agency Will Entertainment confirmed the casting offer and they were reportedly in the process of considering it. However, no information about his character has since been released.

5. B1A4’s Baro joins cast of MBC’s Luther remake


Baro will play the role of detective Hwang Dong-yoon, who graduated from police academy at the top of his class and strictly follows every rule. This young detective idolizes top detective Woo Tae-seok, played by Shin Ha-kyun. The drama will be titled Bad Detective, and is scheduled to air this winter.

6. Yoon Doo-joon enlists in the military


Highlight member Yoon Doo-joon (Let’s Eat 3) had enlisted to the military on August 24. Due to this abrupt turn of events, his ongoing drama Let’s Eat 3 which was originally supposed to be 16 episodes would also reportedly be shortened to 14 episodes. Doo-joon wrote a letter to his fans following the sudden news:

“Hello, this is Doojoon.

“You were surprised right? I was surprised, too. Though not as much as you guys. In order to finally fulfill my mandatory military duty at this old age, I will have to suddenly leave. I wanted to go earlier. Because I can finally take some pressure off that burden though, I’m happy.

“The saddest part that really troubles my mind is the fact that I’ll have to leave without saying a proper goodbye to you. My heart hurts a lot..

The fact that I could enjoy this celebrity life for almost 10 years is mostly thanks to Lights. In this irregular life, the fact that I was able to feel the most normal feelings of happiness, sadness, and other things is thanks to the special memories I was able to create with you all. You were with me for a third of my life all this time cheering me on. Thank you sincerely for your support. It was an honor. I now plan on starting the third chapter to my life. To my members, family, friends, company family, and drama staff members who supported me, I’m so sorry, and thankful. I hope you all stay healthy. Finally, to our, and my fans that I love. Please always keep your own health as your priority, and I hope you’ll be happy and healthy. Thank you. Bye.

From one fifth of Highlight, Doojoon.” 

다녀오겠습니다. 건강하시구 행복하세요!

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7. Park Sun-ho, Kim So-hye lead new cable drama

Best Chicken

Park Sun-ho (A Poem A Day) and former I.O.I-member-turned-actress Kim So-hye had both been confirmed as the lead stars of the upcoming Dramax original youth drama The Best Chicken. Filming will start in September.

8. Jung Yong-hwa pens handwritten letter to fans while serving in the army


CNBLUE’s Jung Yong-hwa (The Package) shared a letter he wrote from the army:

“Hello everyone! This is Jung Yong-hwa, who’s serving in the special forces unit. I enlisted on March 5, and the time since then feels both long and short. It was cold when I enlisted, but now there’s a heat wave.

Everyone! How are you? Are you healthy? I’m writing this letter because I think you all might be curious about how I’m doing too. First off, I’m really doing well. I’m grateful because everyone here is good to me, including my superiors, colleagues, and juniors. I’m doing my best while feeling a sense of duty as I train and fulfill my service. While being the soldier Jung Yong Hwa instead of the celebrity Jung Yong Hwa, I’ve been feeling things that I missed while promoting and hadn’t been able to see, as well as self-reflecting and gaining a lot from that. I’m being inspired and I think this is a really good time for me. I’m talking too stiffly, right? Then how about a brighter topic? A lot of people have said they heard that I did 110 push-ups in two minutes at the training center, but to be honest it was 120. I’m correcting that. I’m working out more now. That’s all about that!

Everyone! Thank you for always waiting for me and cherishing me. Please just keep doing so for a little while more, because after I’m discharged I’ll return all the love I received. And the most important thing is your health! Take good care of yourself, and I’ll be rooting for your happiness. I’ll send you more news again when I have the chance!”

From special forces soldier Jung Yong-hwa”

9. Ki Tae-young, Eugene welcome second daughter

Ki Tae Young and Eugene.jpg

On August 23, media reports announced that Eugene had given birth to her second child with husband Ki Tae-young on August 18.

10. Gong Myung looks for ‘happiness’ in upcoming Chuseok drama special with Girl’s Day Sojin


Cable channel jtbc recently confirmed that Gong Myung (Revolutionary Love) and Girl’s Day’s Sojin as the leads of its upcoming Chuseok one-episode drama special Essence of Happiness. The drama will be about the main hero Jin Soo (to be played by Gong Myung) who looks for small yet meaningful moments of happiness and will meet Jung Soo (to be played by Sojin) along the way.

11. Kim Sun-a considers lead role in new MBC series

kim sunah

According to Good People Entertainment, Kim Soon-a (Should We First Kiss) is currently considering an offer to play the lead role in MBC’s upcoming drama Red Moon, Blue Sea (literal translation). The series is about Cha Woo-kyung, a woman who is trying to uncover the truth behind an incident that destroyed her life.

12. Kihong Lee cast in his first Korean drama

lee kihong

Maze Runner and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt actor Kihong Lee will join the star-studded cast of Prometheus. According to reports, the producers of the series have confirmed that the Hollywood actor has accepted their offer to play the role of CIA agent Frank Lee in the series. Prometheus will revolve around the story of North Korean scientists working overseas, who mysteriously disappeared while heading back to the North.

13. Ryu Hwa-young’s dating violence issue with entertainer LJ

lj hwayoung

Ryu Hwa-young (Mad Dog) had a rough week following the controversy involving her and entertainer LJ. Earlier this week, LJ uploaded photos of him and Hwa-young calling him his girlfriend on Instagram without her permission. Hwa-young initially denied but the alleged relationship, but eventually confirmed it through an exclusive interview with news outlet Sports Kyeonghyang. Here is the excerpt of the actress’ interview as published in AllKpop:

“I got to know LJ about a year ago. He was so nice to me that I asked him if he liked me, but he answered ‘no’ so I thought he was treating me like a little sister. However, about 2 months ago, he confessed to me and seeing truth in his kindness from the past year, we decided to take some time to consider our relationship without minding outer appearances, only our feelings. However, not long after, he began showing his hidden, violent side as well as his obsessive personality, and so in just on week, I told him we should remain acquaintances… I comforted him and tried to remain friends, but he kept fasting or threatening to commit suicide, and then resorted to threatening me with ‘I’m going to call the news reporters’. My twin sister Hyoyoung even took LJ’s side when I said he was threatening me, so it wasn’t easy for me.”

“In the early morning of August 22, I drew a stern line in our relationship, but he continued showing signs of violent behavior. He forcefully took my cell phone and entered my house without permission, so I had no choice but to yell and protect myself. People started gathering around us, then the police came and sent him home, but the next day, he posted those photos on Instagram. LJ sent me a threatening text message saying, ‘If we release an official statement that we have been dating for 2 years, then I will stop’. But I’ve only known him for a year, the time period we spent considering a relationship was only a week, and then he made me suffer for the past 2 months… I spent so many days alone and in tears, suffering from selfish love and threats. Even so, I brought out my courage in order to reveal the truth, so that I do not receive unfair treatment. I don’t know who would even understand my perspective of not wanting to admit to such a brief relationship full of fear, to the point where I could not think of him as normal, but I’m displaying courage. I will not stay silent and be victimized any longer.” 


Jung So-min (The Smile Has Left Your Eyes)

Kim Dong-wook, Kim Jae-wook, and Jung Eun-chae (Hand: The Guest)

Krystal Jung (Player)

Krystal Player

Son Seung-heon (Player)

Park Sung-woong (The Smile Has Left Your Eyes)

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