News Roundup: Kim Jung-hyun’s departure from his drama, Lee Jong-suk & Kim Woo-bin’s Hawaii vacation, and more!

Check this week’s hottest and latest Korean celebrity news and gossips!

1. BTOB’s Minhyuk plans to enlist as a conscripted police officer


Cube Entertainment has confirmed reports of BTOB’s Minhyuk’s upcoming enlistment, stating, “Minhyuk has been accepted as a conscripted police officer. His enlistment date or specific details have yet to be decided.” As he’s been accepted, it’s likely Minhyuk will officially enlist in 5-7 months. The singer-actor last appeared in dramas After the Show Ends and Unexpected Heroes and is set to make his big screen debut via The Swordsman.

2. Park Hae-mi refuses to see her husband, requests a fair trial on his DUI accident


Veteran actress Park Hae-mi has demanded a thorough investigation and fair punishment for her husband Hwang Min following a driving under the influence accident that left two people dead.

In an interview with MyDaily, Park Hae-mi said she has become angry after seeing the black box footage of the fatal car accident. She said, “He’s my beloved husband but I do not have any desires to cover him up in this. He needs to receive fair punishment if he did wrong.”

The actress has also been revealed to leave her upcoming musical play ‘Oh, Carol’ in order not to cause any problem to the production.

3. Lee Jong-suk and Kim Woo-bin spend vacation together in Hawaii


Friends Lee Jong-suk and Kim Woo-bin have been revealed to be spending a trip to Hawaii together. Lee Jong Suk’s agency confirmed the report, and stated, “Lee Jong Suk traveled overseas (to Hawaii) following his fan meeting in Japan and we believe he met with Kim Woo Bin there.”

Kim Woo-bin was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer last year while Lee Jong-suk is rumored to be enlisting in the Korean military next year.

4. Lee Sun-bin rejects lead female role in Four Men


Looks like an end to Four Men‘s drama troubles is nowhere in sight as the production continues to struggle with its cast. Following Nana’s departure from the drama, actress Lee Sun-bin has been offered to play the lead actress opposite Park Hae-jin, however, she has now officially declined to star in the project.

Four Men has been hounded by issues for months now with directors and cast members leaving the show one after another due to production delays.

5. Former child actor Wang Suk-hyun signs with new agency


Former child star Wang Suk-hyun has signed with agency Lion Heart.

In an official statement, the agency announced,“We plan to use our global network for domestic and foreign business,” and added, “We will give utmost support for broad promotions.”

Wang Suk-hyun was known for his role as a child actor in the hit movie Speedy Scandal and has briefly appeared in this year’s rom-com as 30 but 17 starring Yang Se-jong and Shin Hye-sun.

6. Henry cast in Hollywood movie A Dog’s Journey

Singer-actor Henry has been cast in a Hollywood movie, A Dog’s Journey. The movie is a sequel to 2017’s A Dog’s Purpose, and Dennis Quaid will be the lead once again. Henry will be playing the character Trent, but there is not much information about his character yet.


7. Kim Jung-hyun steps down from drama Time


Time‘s lead actor Kim Jung-hyun is set to leave the drama midway its run due to health issues. It’s been revealed that the actor is suffering from eating and sleeping disorders and was advised to take a break and ultimately quit the production.

8. Im Soo-jung joins King Kong by Starship


Actress Im Soo-jung singed an exclusive contract with King Kong by Starship!

King Kong by Starship is an agency that specializes in acting talent. It manages many actors that are famous both in Korea and overseas such as Kim Bum, Kim Ji-won, Lee Kwang-soo, Yoo Yeon-seok, and Lee Dong-wook. Many people are looking forward to what the agency has for Im Soo-jung in store.


Seo Kang-joon and Esom (The Third Charm)

Player‘s official posters

Thoracic Surgery‘s script-reading session

The Best Divorce‘s script-reading session


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