K-Drama Reaction: Life | Episode 9

Elections are dirty no matter where it is

The Brave One

Ye Sun-woo (Lee Kyu-hyung) probably knew he didn’t stand a chance but he still went for it and confess to his longtime crush Lee No-eul (Woo Jin-ah). He knew he would be rejected. He was ready for it but knowing didn’t make it easier. Sun-woo also believes his rejection was due to the fact that he is paraplegic. We all knew No-eul. She’s an odd one (she likes mysterious men with bad image *winks). She doesn’t see Sun-woo as a man, not because of his condition but because she just sees him as a brother. It is very clear now that No-eul and the Ye brothers (Jin-woo included, yes) have a very platonic relationship. Still, kudos for Sun-woo for having the courage to say his feelings out loud. Not all people can do that.

The Coward One

On the other hand, Ye Jin-woo (Lee Dong-wook), who seem to have no fear in the ER, looked like a lost puppy outside and reporter Choi Seo-hyun’s (Choi Yu-hwa) workplace. He stood her up again and he’s so apologetic for it. The busybody Seo-hyun took pity on this tired and sorry puppy and take him out for a meal. Jin-woo obviously enjoyed her company. Just when I thought my ship will sail, imaginary Sun-woo showed up. It stopped Jin-woo from enjoying the moment. Obviously, Jin-woo felt guilty for being happy. We all knew he shouldn’t be but that is how his mind works. And matters of the brain is as difficult to understand just like the matters of the heart. If only, he would apply the pep talk he always says to his junior. He shouldn’t let that tragedy stop him from living. He should remember his brother but he also needs to live. He should be happy.

The Chosen One

I was waiting for the election to take place and they really had to place it at the end of the series. The teaser made it looked like Dr. Joo Kyung-Moon (Yoo Jae-Myung) won the election easily but it was just a make-believe. The election was a viscious one. We all know the two hypocritical alphas are out of the contention and Dr. Oh Se-hwa (Moon So-ri) is the remaining candidate from Sungkook University. The other one is an outsider from a different hospital. Just like No-eul, if I can vote I would most likely support Dr. Oh. She is more than qualified to take the job. She’s assertive and a skilled doctor in her field. What she lacks though is compassion. But I’m not sure if that is the main basis for getting the job. That word is a double-edged sword. After all, that hospital is not a charity foundation. President Goo Seung-hyo (Cho Seung-woo) made sure we all know that by now.

Maknae’s Episode Verdict

Do they really have to prolong the election for an hour-long episode? I’m dying to know who would be the next Director because I know it’ll change a lot of things. Whether Dr. Oh or Dr. Joo win, the aftermath would surely be a thrill to watch. As for our main character Dr. Ye, I still have no idea how will he overcome his personal demons. Preside Goo has a brighter persona at home but it is not the same for Dr. Ye. I’ll be thankful to the dramagenies if they make these two people help each other change for the better at the end of this series.

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