K-Drama Reaction: Familiar Wife | Episode 10

So let’s talk about how this episode explained that Joo-hyuk (Ji Sung) and Woo-jin (Han Ji-min) are really fated to love each other no matter where on earth’s timeline they may live.

We started the episode with Joo-hyuk and Hye-won’s (Kang Hanna) marriage starting to crumble. It’s partly Joo-hyuk’s fault for being indifferent to his wife sometimes, but it’s mostly Hye-won’s immaturity and selfishness that caused the fallout. I would never back down on other people who kept on insisting that Joo-hyuk is a bad husband, because he is not. Again, let’s not forget how he decided to support the budding relationship of Woo-jin and his best friend Jong-hoo (Jang Seung-jo). You can never blame him for being with Woo-jin during her tough moments because he didn’t plan it in the first place. Again, you can never fake your fate. He was destined to be there when Woo-jin needs him. Yes, he lied to Hye-won, that’s his fault. But Hye-won? Come on. A woman should never look down on her in-laws, and use money whenever she finds herself in uncomfortable situations! Also, Hye-won is a married woman but whenever she gets into a fight with Joo-hyuk, she always goes out with Hyun-soo (Lee You-jin). She’s even enjoying herself by shopping and getting the attention of a good-looking, much younger man! No remorse at all!

And since Joo-hyuk failed to make it to his father-in-law’s publishing party because of a totally valid reason, Hye-won is furious and eventually asks him for divorce. The nerve of this woman! She even proved to me that she had no respect for her husband because she sent the divorce papers (and Joo-hyuk’s belongings) to his workplace via courier service! WOW! And then she just spent the day with her boy toy. Gaahhhhd.

As much as I hate Hye-won though for her shameless actions, I’m still glad that the show chose not to drag her stupid love affair with Hyun-soo any further. The gold digging jerk was caught in the act in this episode, after Hye-won saw him at the valet parking while he updates his colleague about his action plan. Jerk got hit by a designer bag! Haha

Okay, next point: The Kiss. Yes, the real husband and wife finally shared a kiss in this episode and I’m not surprised. Don’t get me wrong, I am still in the Jong-hoo ship in this timeline, but I totally get Woo-jin’s actions during these trying times. After hearing that Joo-hyuk is a divorced man, she’s been bugged by her conscience for liking a married man. She is definitely trying to love Jong-hoo but she could not help but feel something special about Joo-hyuk. The bond that connects them, her vivid dreams about their “real” present, and all the small things that she notices about Joo-hyuk’s familiarity with her. Both Joo-hyuk and Woo-jin knew that pursuing their real feelings was wrong and would hurt others, especially now that their colleagues at the KCU Gahyun branch had found out that she and Jong-hoo are dating.

Wife 10 (1)
Credit: Soompi user dramaninja

And to be fair, Joo-hyuk still reaches out to Hye-won even after everything. His scene at Jong-hoo’s bathroom while trying to call his wife was heart-wrenching. His two marriages both fell apart. But he still managed to tell Woo-jin not to like him. That’s maturity.

Wife 10 (4)


All of Woo-jin’s passengers couldn’t help but pray for their lives while she’s behind the steering wheel! LOL

Wife 10 (2)
Credit: Soompi user fans123

Cute family picture of the KCU Gahyun branch courtesy of Ji Sung’s IG:

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The friendship of Joo-hyuk, Jong-hoo, and Sang-sik is love.💖

Am I the only NOT comfortable with this client? I can sense something wrong is bound to happen and Joo-hyuk will be the receiving end of the blame game.

Wife 10 (6)

After giving my two cents about this whole cheating fiasco, I still wish deep in my heart for a happy ending for my beloved Jong-hoo, whatever timeline it would be.

Wife 10 (3)

Another lovely OST from this drama:

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