K-Drama Reaction: Life | Episode 11

They had to fight a bigger war

What Will Happen To Us?

This series is really consistent in showing egoism. It might be a bit more dramatic but it certainly reflects real life. Let’s not be hypocritical and admit that just like everyone in this series, most of the time, we all act out of self-interest. Even the supposedly unbiased reporter Choi Seo-hyun (Choi Yu-hwa) is guilty of thinking about herself first before the welfare of others. What makes her different from what I call heartless people is her acknowledgment of her selfish thoughts. Seo-hyun broke down when she admitted to Dr. Ye Jin-woo (Lee Dong-wook) that all she can think about is the incident’s impact on their blossoming relationship instead of the person who died because of them. The whistleblower they exploited and should have protected. She knew she should have been worried about the case but instead she was selfishly worrying about her own future and her personal life.

I really love her scene at the carpark with Jin-woo. Yes, it showed she’s not perfect. But who is, really? I’m also glad she told Jin-woo about her thoughts because it meant that this cynic woman is slowly trusting this broken doctor.

Why Won’t The World Change?

I’m standing by my belief that there are no selfless heroes in this world. There are just people – scarred and flawed, who would lead a battle when no one seems to be willing to fight. The media people are doing a risky job that could change tyrannical systems. Seems heroic right? But they are doing it for recognition or even some measly ads for their site. News agencies are still business for some people after all; just like hospitals.

Jin-woo is also acting like a true-blue hero but we all know he is doing it for Seo-hyun. It’s the first time he felt like really living so I really think he values this woman a lot.

Will You Go With Me?

We all know where Jin-woo is standing in this war. He is also aware of who is on the other side. What surprised him though is seeing Lee No-eul (Woo Jin-ah), his friend of 15 years, standing beside his current nemesis, President Goo Seung-hyo (Cho Seung-woo). Although it’s obvious President Goo is just following orders, Jin-woo still considers him as someone unfit to run a hospital. Seeing them on one side might be a farfetched dream.

Maknae’s Episode Verdict

As the plot thickens, all I can think about is how handsome Lee Dong-wook is in a doctor’s robe. I’m kidding. I just want to lighten up the mood since this episode was intense. I know this is just a start of the climactic climb to the peak of the story but I’m excited to see how each character will act in this conflict. Will they change for the better or they’ll get worse?

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