K-Drama Reaction: Life | Episode 14

This is one thrilling climactic climb.

New Rules

Deputy Director Kim Tae-sang (Moon Sung-geun) took one last gasp before his last breath. He didn’t die per se but it is certainly the end of his 30 years stint at Sangkook University. I’ve expressed how annoying his character is but I felt deep pity while watching him helplessly hold onto a position that was already taken away from him. He could have stepped down with his dignity still intact but he had to stoop low by pointing fingers at other doctors. I admit that he has a point about the other doctors’ flaws. There’s no argument about that but at least those doctors when to back down. Up until the end, Kim Tae-sang couldn’t admit his flaws. He is one hopeless character.

Anyway, Kim Tae-sang’s brutal last speech did some good. The remaining doctors now knew everyone’s secrets. They can now focus on issues at hand. Dr. Joo Kyung-moon (Yoo Jae-myung) is now willing to lead the doctors while Dr. Oh Se-wa (Moon So-ri) is still missing-in-action. We all know she’s alive (thank you dramagenies!!!). All they have to do now is to hold their turf while their leader is recuperating.

Use Somebody

While there’s an ongoing war, our two main characters spared sometime for their love lives or should I say butcher their love lives? Ye Jin-woo (Lee Dong-wook) acted like a idealist lieutenant in front of his sunbaes but he looked like a reprimanded puppy after reporter Choi Seo-hyun (Choi Yu-hwa) placed a line between them. I understand why Seo-hyun is trying to push Jin-woo away. She is trying to be professional. She is also trying protect herself and Jin-woo as well. She doesn’t want to feel guilty of using Jin-woo especially that she is slowly getting closer to him. I just hope that after all this they can still go on with what they started.

Jin-woo still has some hope left but I doubt President Goo Seung-hyo (Cho Seung-woo) feel the same way. He couldn’t change overnight. He couldn’t be the man Lee No-eul (Woo Jin-ah) wants him to be. Seung-hyo is not as evil as the Hwajeong Group chairman but he couldn’t just let go of his job because a woman said he could. Also, they both misunderstood each other in so many ways. Like a rom-com couple, a lot of their issues can be solved if they actually talk to each other. They are more frustrating to watch and I wouldn’t be surprised if Secretary Kang would step in again for them.

Ending Scene

Back to the waging war, the doctors failed to pressure President Goo to step down using the three grounds they presented. President Goo is a step ahead of them. He already taken care of everything that can be used against him except for one. The nosy rebels found out about the land deal with the Minister of Environment. It has nothing to do with it but the chairman is certainly involved. President Goo is trying his best to build a wall between the hospital and the conglomerate but the doctors themselves broke it down. I was impatiently waiting for his response when someone suddenly entered the scene. I bet it’s Dr. Oh but I’m not sure yet since they end the episode there. That was actually one good cliffhanger.

Maknae’s Episode Verdict

Watching this episode felt like watching land mines explode one by one. Those land mines were carefully planted a long time ago and writer-nim decided it was time for them to explode. I really admire how the plot was crafted. If you’ll analyze everything, those conflicts were already used in other dramas but the narration structure makes it different. I am so ready to watch the finale episode but I’m not sure how will I watch another medical political drama after this.

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