K-Drama Reaction: Familiar Wife | Episode 13

Things have really been interesting lately, especially with how the plot twists were laid out. So we joined Woo-jin (Han Ji-min) in her journey to the past, but she incidentally tagged Joo-hyuk (Ji Sung) along with her. And Woo-jin’s first task of the day? It was to make sure that her Dad would not go on a business trip and instead get him to undergo a physical exa, which apparently saved her mother from having dementia as well. She also happened to help his Jong-hoo (Jang Seung-jo) get back with his girlfriend and even witness him propose to her. 😍

While Woo-jin was busy making sure that every thing would go on smoothly, Joo-hyuk does everything to prevent their supposed first meeting. Joo-hyuk tries to hide from Woo-jin because he believes that it is better for her not to meet him at all.He cut classes, stayed in bed all day, and even sprint just to avoid a chasing Woo-jin. But as we all know, one can never escape fate… Especially when it’s literally chasing you down. Just like how he managed to avoid that certain motorcycle when he was determined to change his future, he was hit by the same motorcycle today.

Back to the present, Woo-jin is back to work at the headquarters. The first thing she searched for when she wakes up was her Dad, but of course, he already died. He was meant to die earlier anyway, but at least she got to save him a few more years. The good thing is her Mom is now very healthy and is currently working as a sales agent! Woo-jin is still single, but she is determined to get her husband back.

Wife 13 (6)Wife 13 (7)

Meanwhile, Joo-hyuk is apparently on leave. Is this a fusion of the events from the first and second timeline? It seems so. My adorable Jong-hoo is back to the married life with his twins, while Joo-eun (Park Hee-bon) and Sang-sik (Oh Eui-sik) are just about to start their own mini family. They aren’t married yet in this new version and their restaurant became a food truck. Though I’m not sure how things will turn out for our main couple, at least their friends are in a much better situation in this new version.

Wife 13 (5)

The highlight of this episode was Kang Ki-young’s cameo! I really believe that it’s about time this super amazing actor should be given a major lead role in his next drama projects, and not just the lead’s sidekick. He appeared in this episode as Park Yoo-sik (remember his character as the president of the Yoo Myung Company in What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?), and hilarity ensues. Joo-hyuk returns to the bank after his soul searching escapade and his first day was again marred by misfortunes. Yoo-sik asked his several bank accounts to be merged into one major account, but Jong-hoo accidentally merged the file with another customer with the same name. Of course, the bosses are furious and asked the employees to solve this problem. Jong-hoo and Joo-hyuk spent the entire day chasing and luring Yoo-sik to approve access to his personal account and revert the merging.

Wife 13 (8)Wife 13 (9)

The episode ends when Woo-jin was about to make her comeback at the KCU Gahyun branch as the newest member of the Direct Banking Team. Exciting!

Wife 13 (10)
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