Kang Ji-hwan, Baek Jin-hee confirmed for KBS’ Happy If You Died

Kang Ji-hwan (Children of a Lesser God) and Baek Jin-hee (Let’s Eat 3) have accepted the offers to lead the upcoming KBS webtoon-based drama Happy If You Died (in some reports, the title is Happier If You Died).

Kang Ji-hwan’s role will be “evil” boss Baek Jin-sang, while Baek Jin-hee will play the character of assistant manager Luda Lee whose goal is to transform the former into a better person. This will be an office drama with a twist as it will involve time slip element.

Also cast are In Gyo-jin (Ms. Perfect) and Park Sol-mi (My Lawyer, Mr. Jo) in supporting characters. The drama is set to premiere in late October.

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