Yeon Woo-jin, Jung Yoo-mi, Park Yong-woo cast in new OCN medical horror

Yeon Woo-jin (Nothing to Lose), Jung Yoo-mi (Investigation Couple), and Park Yong-woo (My LoveMadame Butterfly) have all confirmed to take part in OCN’s new weekend medical horror Priest.

Priest will focus on the supernatural occurrences at the South Catholic Hospital in the year of 2018. Yeon Woo-jin will play the lead character Oh Soo-min, a young priest-turned-exorcist who goes by the Catholic name Michael. He decided to learn exorcism after losing his mother, who was possessed by a demon. Meanwhile, Jung Yoo-mi will play the heroine, ER doctor Ham Eun-ho.

This will also be Park Yong-woo’s drama comeback after a three years. He will portray the exorcist Moon Ki-sun, who is also known as Father Peter, a founding member of the unofficial exorcist association 634 Regia. He will be the one to expose Oh Soo-min to the world of exorcism.

The drama will be headed by film director Kim Jong-hyun (Take Off 2, Superstar Mr. Gam) and rookie writer Moon Man-se. It is set to take over OCN’s Saturday and Sunday slot in November after the end of Player.

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