Ha Ji-won withdraws from Prometheus

Hallyu star Ha Ji-won (Hospital Ship) has stepped down from her lead role in the upcoming spy drama Prometheus.

According to the actress’ agency Haewadal Entertainment, Ha Ji-won’s camp decided to leave the production due to scheduling conflicts, after filming for the drama gets pushed back from its original plans.

Prometheus is a much anticipated spy drama with a budget of a whopping 30 billion won (approximately $26.3 million). It delves into the mission of a former North Korean officer (to be played by Jin Goo) who gets caught up in an incident in Russia and currently works a laborer in South Korea, and an intelligence officer (initially played by Ha Ji-won) who is in an undercover mission for the denuclearization of North Korea. Hollywood actor Ki-hong Lee had also earlier confirmed his casting for the drama.

The drama is now looking into filling Ha Ji-won’s spot as the lead female role.

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