Lee Na-young returns to dramaland as Lee Jong-suk’s leading lady

Lee Na-young (The Fugitive: Plan B) is set to return to the drama world after nine years through the tvN romantic comedy Romance Supplement (working title). Lee Jong-suk (While You Were Sleeping) has earlier confirmed his appearance in the upcoming project.

Romance Supplement is a drama that revolves around the daily lives of employees of a publishing house. Lee Jong-suk will portray the role of Cha Eun-ho, the company’s young editor-in-chief. Lee Na-young will appear as Kang Dani, a former copywriter who was once at the peak of her career, but is now broke and jobless. She is also struggling to look for new work as she appears to be overqualified due to her impressive credentials. In order to get hired at the publishing house, Kang Dani ultimately decides to lie about her educational background.

tvN’s Life on Mars‘ tandem of PD Lee Jung-hyo and writer Jung Hyun-jung will lead the upcoming romantic comedy.

Romance Supplement is looking to premiere in the first half of 2019.

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