GOT7’s Jinyoung offered lead role in new fantasy romance drama

Idol-turned-actor GOT7’s Jinyoung (Magic School) is currently in talks to star for the lead role in tvn’s upcoming fantasy romance thriller That Psychometric Guy (literal translation).

According to the official statement of his agency JYP Entertainment, Jinyoung received the casting offer, but it hasn’t been confirmed yet. In case Jinyoung signs on, this will be his first time as the lead character in a drama.

That Psychometric Guy aims to tell the story of college student Yi Ahn (role offered to Jinyoung) who can read secrets and past memories of others through psychometry, or whenever their skin touches him. Yi Ahn eventually decides to use his supernatural abilities to catch bad guys after helping out a prosecutor who once saved his life.

The upcoming drama will be written by Yang Jin-ah (Vampire Prosecutor) and directed by PD Kim Byung-soo (Queen In Hyun’s Man, Nine, Bubblegum).

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