K-Lookbook: Korean Drama Villains

Fans always hate Korean Drama villains for their evil schemes that make a poor K-drama female lead’s life more miserable. We only focus on their devious act because that is their given role in the K-drama universe. More often than not, people cheer when these antagonists fail to achieve whatever their wicked goal is. But there is no doubt that these villains definitely make a drama more interesting to watch.

To appreciate this unappreciated characters, I’ll be doing a special edition of K-Lookbook for Korean Drama characters we love to hate.

Maknae’s Choice: Hyun Soo-ah (Jo Woo-ri)

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Recently, our squad’s group chat has been filled with messages about how we want Soo-ah’s two-faced act to be revealed. There was a virtual standing ovation and slow clapping whenever Do Kyeong-seok (Che Eun-woo) hit her with a good comeback line or when Kang Mi-rae (Im Soo-hyang) finally realized her pretty face masked her insecure personality. But this is a time to confess that deep down I always loved Soo-ah’s style. It’s very feminine and soft which matches her pretty face perfectly. Her long skirts plus shirt combo is a winner for me.

Styles We Hate To Love

Kim Tae-Rin (Wang Ji-won) from Still 17 

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She considered Woo Seo-ri (Shin Hye-sun) as a life-long rival but in the end, she realized she and her childhood comrade have a lot in common. Kim Tae-rin is that kind of villain who had a satisfying happy ending. Way before she flipped sides though, her classical diva aura was already apparent. I especially love her short red hair which makes here like fiery violin fairy onstage.

Jung Se-ra / Jin Bu-ja / Ah Sa-nyeo (Lee Se-Young) from Hwayugi

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Eccentric, elegant, and expensive. That’s how I would describe the pieces worn by Lee Se-young in Hwayugi. First of all, I just want to appreciate how she acted these three different characters in the series. She was really good at it and she became part of the rising actresses list of my squad. Her two other characters may not be a villain but Ah Sa-nyeo certainly is. We may hate her for coveting what isn’t hers but her adoration for anything red and expensive really makes her outfits worthy of everyone’s envy. I wouldn’t be surprised if her wardrobe contains a lot of big fashion labels and straight from the runway pieces. Her personality fits such collection.

Jin Tae-ri (Yura) from Radio Romance

She already has the face that can make any girl anxious but match that with equally beautiful garbs and you’ll get a stylish goddess. She may be a bitch has-been actress but her clothes are really trendy and chic. It’s not surprising that Manager Kim was smitten by her ethereal beauty.

Seo Ye-na (Park Hwan-hee) from Are You Human Too?

This lady has the I’m-the-fiance-so-I-can-be-bratty attitude but her looks are undeniably stunning. I must say she’s a bit underrated compared to other characters in this list (Well, she has a sexy flower boy co-star so I can’t really blame it on her). So I decided it was time to put a bit of a spotlight on this pretty actress who has a combination of Park Bo-young and IU vibes.

Shin Yoon-ah (Eunjung) from Lovely Horribly

I love to hate her character in Dream High but this duplicitous villain made that character a saint. Just like Soo-ah, Yoon-ah has an innocent face that everyone adores but behind closed doors, she is really a jealous monster. So how come nobody anticipated she has a bitchy attitude? It’s probably because of her attractive looks. Who would dare accuse her of being bad when she knows how to look good?


Let’s admit it, these characters may not have a likable personality but they win us with their gorgeous envy-worthy styles.

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4 thoughts on “K-Lookbook: Korean Drama Villains

  1. Nice that you put Lee Se Yong in the list! She was fantastic in that role, the only thing worth watching in Hwayugi.
    As for Ye Na from Are you human too?, I never saw her as a villain and in fact I ended up liking her quite a lot, she was a spoiled brat at the beginning, but she was never malicious..and in the end she sort of redeemed herself.


    1. I really like how Lee Se-young pulled off those characters in Hwayugi. She’s also good in The Best Hit.😊

      There are more villainous characters than Ye-na but I personally like her style in AYHT so I included her here 😁


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