News Roundup: Latest Celebrity Castings

We have officially overcome our collective drama slump, and this 2019, we will slowly get back on track with the latest updates on the K-drama world. So for a fresh start, let me give you a rundown of the most recent casting news in the interwebzzz.

1. Jang Ki-yong, Nana cast in new OCN crime thriller

Jang Ki-yong (Come Here and Hug Me) and Nana (The Good Wife) have both been confirmed as lead stars of the upcoming OCN melodrama “Blue Eyes” (working title), which revolves around the story of gifted killer Kim Soo-hyun (role to be portrayed by Jang Ki-yong) who could turn anything into a deadly weapon. He is known as the devil’s castaway, a perfect assassin and an expert marksman. Known for his disregard for human life, underground organizations hire his service for targets facing anonymous deaths. However, he is on a mission to find his family, while being chased by the female detective Do Hyun-jin (role to be portrayed by Nana) to avenge her deceased lover.

blue eyes

2. Choi Siwon, Lee Yoo-young, Kim Min-jung join forces in new crime comedy

Super Junior member-turned-actor Choi Siwon (Revolutionary Love), Lee Yoo-young (Your Honor), and Kim Min-jung (Mr. Sunshine) will be starring in KBS 2TV’s upcoming crime comedy drama “Dear Citizens” (literal translation). It will be about a notorious con man (to be played by Siwon) who unexpectedly marries a police detective (to be played by Lee Yoo-young) before ending up as a new recruit of the National Assembly.

Dear Citizens.jpg

3. Ji Jin-hee cast in tvN remake of Designated Survivor

Ji Jin-hee (Misty) has now been confirmed as the lead star of the upcoming remake of the US television series “Designated Survivor.” He will play the role of Park Moo-jin, the country’s Minister of Environment who has no ambition in politics. Following a deadly explosion that killed many government officials including the President, Park was forced to sit as the country’s acting president for 60 days. Kang Han-na (Familiar Wife) has been offered and currently considering the lead female role.

ji jinhee

4. Nam Gyu-ri joins the cast of MBC’s Different Dreams

Nam Gyu-ri (Children of Nobody) has been cast in the upcoming MBC drama “Different Dreams” which consists of lead stars Lee Yo-won (Avengers Social Club), Yoo Ji-Tae (Mad Dog) and Lim Ju-hwan (Bride of the Water God). She will play the second female lead Miki, a popular singer who is set to fall in love with Fukuda (to be played by Lim Ju-hwan). The drama aims to broadcast in May 2019.

Different Dreams.jpg

5. Namgoong Min, Nara, Kim Byung-chul have been confirmed for Doctor Prisoner

Various news reports recently confirmed the appearances of Namgoong Min (The Undateables), Nara (My Ahjussi), Kim Byung-chul (SKY Castle) in the upcoming medical suspense drama “Doctor Prisoner.” It tells the story of a doctor who was kicked out from the hospital due to an unfortunate incident, and starts to work as the new medical director in a prison. The drama will be directed by Hwang In-hyuk (Laurel Tree Tailors) and is currently scheduled to premiere in March 2019.




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