2018 Favorites: Maknae’s Choice

A Plot Twist You Never Knew You Needed

Wishing for a plot twist in our real lives suddenly became a social media thing that we carelessly imitate and re-post. Some people long to experience something different from their usually mundane lives. Some unlucky ones, though, complained about the so-called plot twist they experienced; ranting that it wasn’t the magical meet-cute or the awesome boost they were hoping for. They never expected that a plot twist could also become a conflict they should solve or go through. That is why I try not to wish for a plot twist anymore. Not because I don’t want to but because I know it will still happen whether I want it or not. Our live’s Storyteller is one unpredictable writer.

Miss Hammurabi

The first series in my list is JTBC’s court drama, Miss Hammurabi, which stars three of my favorite Korean actors: Sung Dong-il, Go Ara, and Kim Myung-soo/L. I was really nervous when the casting and the storyline were announced. I really want this to be successful because it stars the actors that I admired. The dramagenies probably heard my earnest wish and made it one of the surprisingly good dramas this year.

Guilty Pleasure Recommendation: Rich Man, Poor Woman

rich man poor woman


I don’t understand why some people hate this series. The only reason I could think of is that it was billed to follow the footsteps of its tvN predecessor, Goblin, which is really a whole different series. Hwayugi is a five-star series on its own.

Honorable Mention: The Beauty Inside

This series was marked with an “unnie recommended must watch” as my fellow ahjummas-slash-unnies hyped me hard to watch this. So, it only has two ways to go – I’ll find it overrated or I’ll fall in love with it. Fortunately, it wasn’t a friendship-wrecking recommendation. It was indeed a must-watch.

Still 17

The ultimate advantage of Still 17 over the other series in this list is timing. I’ve watched it at a time where I badly needed to hear Woo Seo-ri’s words. This 30-year-old woman’s journey hit me in a deep and very personal way. Some might find it lacking but Still 17 was my best 2018 Korean drama.

2018 has been tough but still quite a good year for Korean dramas. There were series who stick to the formula and still delivered a refreshing story. There were also those courageous series who took big risks and fortunately paid off. Whether it was the tried and tested storyline or the mind-blowing storytelling you want, there will always be a plot twist that will catch you off guard. That is where I’ll use my K-dramaland New Year’s wish for – some good 2019 Korean dramas that would surprise me just like these series I’ve chosen.

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