2018 Favorites: The Frown Crown

Yay! I know we’re late to the party, and y’all have changed your calendars by now, but I just wanted to put this one out there. I was a mess last year, and my anxiety worsened. I usually look forward to fall and winter dramas, but 2018 was a different one as I have succumbed into a deep drama slump by the end of the year. Anyway, time for my random rambles about my best dramas of 2018!

3. Misty

Yep, if you haven’t checked my series review about this drama, you can do so here. This one blew my mind. Go Hye-ran (Kim Nam-joo) became my 2018 spirit animal. I wanted to become like her when I grow up. Misty wasn’t perfect, but it almost was. Except for the lackluster ending, it could easily be one of the best written K-dramas of all time. The brave heroine, scarred main couple, and the people surrounding them… everything about this drama was excellent. The whodunit plot kept us all intrigued week after week. And not to mention that it’s already 2019, but Kim Nam-joo is still collecting trophies for this drama!

go hye ran

2. My ID is Gangnam Beauty

I must admit, I signed on for this one because of the eye candy Cha Eunwoo, but gosh, I didn’t expect this drama to be so socially relevant, and full of life realizations. I loved how every single character was depicted in the most realistic way possible. Even Kang Mi-rae, despite her insecurities, is very much relatable in terms of her inner struggles of self-acceptance. I was proud I watched this drama, not because the cast was good-looking, but because it was a modern day illustration of college life in general – the students’ challenges, familial problems, monetary constraints, peer pressure, and overall insecurities. I could say even in the way everyone’s conflict was resolved that this drama was well-researched and carefully thought-of. There were no pretentions or fake concerns about mental health, and it even advocated against bullying and body shaming.

Credit: Pinterest

1. My Ahjussi

I was a bit skeptical when the casting for My Ahjussi was confirmed, primarily because I didn’t think IU could pull off the character of Ji-an with so much depth and layers. But man, this ahjumma was wrong in so many levels! She was the best choice, and I believe that this drama would not be as effective as it was if it’s not IU in the lead role. I had my 100% trust that Lee Sun-kyun could give justice to the male lead character because I loved his dramas ever since. The relationship between Dong-hoon and Ji-an was so deep, sad and meaningful. My favorite scenes were those moments when Dong-hoon helped Ji-an and her halmeoni. 😭 Also, Jang Ki-yong, Park Ho-san, and Song Sae-byeok were just the best supporting characters that completed this entire story line. The relationship of the three brothers, the traumatic past of Jang Ki-yong’s Gwang-il and IU’s Ji-an… Every episode left me thinking about the events all week. Aside from the amazing story and character arcs, the cinematography and OSTs were just 👌🏻 This was easily my best 2018 K-drama.

my ahjussi
Credit: Tumblr

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