Byun Yo-han to star in an aerospace-themed drama

Byun Yo-han (Mr. Sunshine) is now confirmed to appear in the upcoming drama “City of Stars” (literal title).

His agency Saram Entertainment announced that the actor has accepted the casting offer but they have not been informed about the filming schedule yet.

The drama aims to depict the dream of young people to travel to space. Byun Yo-han has signed on for the role of Yoo Dong-ha, a claustrophobic airplane maintenance personnel, and in order to pursue his dream of going to space, he must overcome his claustrophobia.

City of Stars” is a pre-produced drama which reportedly received a 10-million-dollar investment from a Hong Kong-based company and has already made pre-sale deals with over 30 countries.

The drama aims to broadcast in the second half of 2019.

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