Park Min-young, Kim Jae-wook confirmed in new rom com

Park Min-young (What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim) and Kim Jae-wook (The Guest) have both been confirmed to star in the upcoming drama “Her Private Life” (literal title).

The drama will be based on the webtoon “Noona Fan Dot Com” by Kim Sung-yeon, which is a romantic comedy about idol fangirl Sung Duk-mi and the two guys who are in love with her.

Sung Duk-mi (to be portrayed by Park Min-young) currently works as a senior curator of an art museum and has been a dedicated fan of idols for 20 years, beginning with g.o.d’s Yoon Kye-sang. She runs a fan site for an idol group and has a huge crush on band member Min-joon. She hires Min-joon’s hyung to work at her restaurant to find out more about her crush, but eventually falls for the older brother instead. Her private life (aka secret fangirling) is about to be revealed after meeting their new director, A-list painter Ryan Gold (to be played by Kim Jae-wook).

Her Private Life” will on tvN after the conclusion of “Touch Your Heart.

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