Where Are They Now? Cast of Worlds Within

There are certain characters that K-drama fans couldn’t easily forget and would always want to remember. To reminisce those treasured K-drama moments, here’s a new Ahjummamshies feature to get you updated to those beloved characters.

Kicking-off this feature is the 2008 No Hee-kyung-penned drama, Worlds Within (The World They Live In), which stars our Hallyu superstars Hyun Bin and  Song Hye-kyo.

Worlds Within: A Look Back

The story of this KBS series revolves around already established Production Director (PD) Jung Ji-oh (Hyun Bin) and the up-and-coming PD Joo Joon-young (Song Hye-kyo). The paths of these two seemingly opposite characters keep on crossing despite their efforts not to get involved with each other’s lives again.

Where Are They Now?

Hyun Bin as Jung Ji-oh

2008 has been the year when Hyun Bin started to be acknowledged more for his acting ability. After this series, he starred in well-received movies I Am Happy (alongside Lee Bo-young) and Friend, Our Legend. He then starred opposite Ha Ji-won in the Kim Eun-seok written series, Secret Garden. This sangnamja has since been active in both small and big screens after he finished his military service in 2012.

Song Hye-kyo as Joo Joon-young

You probably live under a rock if you didn’t know that Song Hye-kyo is now the other half of one of Korea’s A-list couples. Hye-kyo has top-billed multiple successful movies and drama series. This includes popular titles like My Brilliant Life and That Winter, the Wind Blows.

Uhm Ki-joon as Song Gyu-ho

This theater-turned-TV actor is a familiar face to veteran K-drama fans. His PD character stint in this series has been followed by a lead role in the MBC drama Cheer Up On Love with actress Chae Rim. He was also part of other internationally successful series Dream High, I Can Hear Your Voice, and most recently, I’m Not A Robot.

Seo Hyo-rim as Jang Hae-jin

Just like her hardworking character Jang Hae-jin, Hyo-rim worked with various TV programs, which include some reunion projects with her Worlds Within co-stars. She worked with Um Ki-joon in Cheer Up On Love and Scent of a Woman while she reunited with Song Hye-kyo in That Winter, the Wind Blows. Their supporting characters provided us some early onset of second couple syndrome . Hyo-rim and her Sungkyungkwan Scandal co-star Song Joong-ki previously hosted KBS’ Music Bank and gave us this “legendary” dance cover.

Choi Daniel as Yang Soo-kyung

This Juggler actor was also cast in Cheer Up On Love after Worlds Within ended. In 2010, Choi worked with Uhm Tae-woong, Lee Min-jung, and Park Shin-hye in the sleeper hit Cyrano Agency.

Bae Jong-ok as Yoon Young

You probably remember her with Song Hye-kyo in That Winter That Wind Blows but they already worked together in Worlds Within well before that. She then worked with Lee Bo-young in the weekend MBC drama A Thousand Affections.

Kim Yeo-jin as Lee Seo-woo

Before she became the leader of KingCastle Information System in Terrius Behind Me, Kim Yeo-jin played the curly-haired scriptwriter in Worlds Within. Like Uhm Ki-joon, she is also a familiar face in the K-drama world as she starred in multiple dramas after this 2008 series. Her filmography includes Can You Hear My Heart, Love in the Moonlight, and Man to Man.

Kim Kap-soo as Kim Min-chul

Just like Bae Jong-ok and Kim Yeo-jin, veteran actor Kim Kap-soo did multiple series in the years following the conclusion of Worlds Within. He was part of big productions like Iris, The K2, and Mr. Sunshine.

Kim Chang-wan as Park Hyun-sup

We all know that Kim Chang-wan is a talented musician/actor so it’s not that all surprising this veteran artist went on to work in successful series like Queen of Reversals, Miss Ripley, Good Doctor, My Love From Another Star, and a lot more. He also collaborated with IU, who released her own rendition of his song The Meaning of You.

Lee Joon-hyuk as Lee Joon-gi

Ten years after he broke Joo Joon-young’s heart in Worlds Within, he went on making physical therapists fall in love with him in tvN’s A Poem a Day. Lee Joon-hyuk has also been a consistent scene-stealer in dramas like I Am Legend, City Hunter, Man From the Equator, Are You Human?. He also led the four-episode drama Naked Fireman with Jung In-sun.

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