Kiss Me Oppa: Top 10 K-Drama Kissing Scenes

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From cute kisses to steamy ones, K-Dramaverse never fails to give us these heart-thumping and squeal-worthy moments. Let’s take a look at the Top 10 K-Drama Kissing Scenes. So, do you want Oppa to kiss you sweetly or passionately?

  • Goblin – Goodbye Kiss (Episode 13)

This kiss is neither cute nor hot, but it’s full of emotion and love. This is Kim Shin’s one final kiss to Ji Eun-tak before he turned to dust.


  • Descendants of the Sun – Wine Kiss (Episode 5)

The kiss that sent fan girls around the globe squealing, and the sad day I lost Song Joong-ki oppa to the world.

kiss 2 dots

  • Pinocchio – Toast Kiss (Episode 4)

Who would have thought eating toast can be this sexy?

kiss 3 pinocchio

  • My Love From the Star – Give Me 15 Seconds Kiss (Episode 8)

I’ll give 15 hours, days, months if this hot alien would kiss me. Chon Song-yi was trying to prove her 15 Second Fairy title to Do Min-joon, and just when she’s losing confidence he suddenly pulls her to him for a heart-fluttering kiss.

kiss 4 MLFS

  • Reply 1988 – What About Now Kiss (Episode 19)

Pretty-faced Park Bo-gum oppa surprised me with this one. This is how you should kiss everyone, sweet and rough at the same time!

kiss 5 1988

  • Lie to Me – Cola Kiss (Episode 8)

This is what happens when you play with cola with oppa.

kiss 6 LTM

  • Another Oh Hae-young – Wall Kiss (Episode 9)

NSFW! This is one of the hottest kissing scenes in K-Drama history. Watch it at your own risk.

The Good – Oppa kissed Hae-young passionately.
The Bad – He left all of a sudden, leaving her more confused than ever.

kiss 7 OHY

  • Healer – Hat Kiss (Episode 8)

Well, now I’m secretly hoping an oppa as hot as Ji Chang-wook will kiss me everytime I’ll be wearing a bonnet.

kiss 8 healer

  • Reply 1997 – Stairs Kiss (Episode 14)

Reply 1997 had a fair share of steamy kisses but this one is my favorite. This scene proved my theory that Seo In-guk is a DAMN GOOD KISSER. I rest my case.

kiss 9 1997

  • W – Handcuff Kiss (Episode 7)

Yes, I’m willing to be handcuffed for a kiss with this guy. Lee Jong-suk is not one of my fave oppas but I have to admit, he damn well knows how to kiss.

kiss 10 w


  • Coffee Prince – Man or Alien Kiss (Episode 10)

Gong Yoo is a hot oppa who knows how to give hot kisses. Who could forget this heart-thumping, breath catching and knee weakening moment when Han-kyul (Gong Yoo) admits to Eun-chan (Yoon Eun-hye) that he likes her whether she is a man or an alien, then bam! Steamy lip-lock.

kiss 9 coffee prince

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