Handsome Giants: Top 10 Tall & Handsome Oppas

This post was originally posted in 2017 on our Facebook Page.

I love oppas of all sizes and shapes, but there’s just something about tall guys that makes them look extra sexy and attractive. Here’s 10 of our handsome giant oppas who will surely make your knees weak. Ugggh, will you have a hard time kissing them because of the height difference?

  • Gong Yoo – 6’0 ft

tall 1 gong yoo

  • Nam Joo-hyuk – 6’2 ft

tall 2 nam joo hyuk

  • Lee Min-ho – 6’2 ft

tall 3 lee minho

  • JiSoo – 6’1 ft

tall 4 jisoo

  • Kim Woo-bin – 6’2 ft

tall 5 kim woo bin

  • Lee Soo-hyuk – 6’0 ft

tall 6 lee joo hyuk

  • Park Hae-jin – 6’1 ft

tall 7 park hae jin

  • Jo In-sung – 6’2 ft

tall 8 jo insung

  • Lee Dong-wook – 6’0 ft

tall 9 lee dongwook

  • Lee Jong-suk – 6’1 ft

tall 10 lee jong suk

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3 thoughts on “Handsome Giants: Top 10 Tall & Handsome Oppas

  1. New to the site, so I know this is an old article, but I’ve gotta say that even though these are all fine picks, and I know he doesn’t do a lot of dramas, the absence of Jung Woo-sung on this list is an oversight bordering on tragic. Seriously, though, glad to have found this site and I’ll be catching up. #YangKangChil4eva


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