In Spotlight: Park Hyung-sik Filmography

Idols turned actors and actresses have sprung out left and right. Most of them drew criticisms for their poor acting skills, but there were also few who earned praises for doing it like a pro, and one of them is Park Hyung-sik. Hyung-sik has been flying under the radar of fangirls, so it’s really great that Strong Woman Do Bong-soon has given him the limelight he deserves. Hyung-sik is definely a scene stealer, standing out even in minor and supporting roles. And who wouldn’t love him for those winky eyes and cute smiles. Ahjummamshies, let’s welcome the new rom-com cutie, Park Hyung-sik!

Maybe unknown to others, Park Hyung-sik made his screen debut via a movie titled Ronin Pop. It’s a South Korea-Japan joint production starring ZE:A members and is about the power struggle between youths in the aftermath of a nuclear war.

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In 2012, Park Hyung-sik officially made his drama debut via SBS Drama Special, I Remember You.

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In the same year, Park Hyung-sik starred in a much longer drama titled Dummy Mommy where he plays a rebellious teenager who ended up debuting as a singer.

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Park Hyung-sik got his acting skills tested when he played twins in the 2013 Drama Special Sirius. Two Park Hyung-sik in one drama? who wouldn’t want that!

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Park Hyung-sik continued on to play the younger counterpart of the male lead with his role in TvN time travel drama Nine: Nine Times Time Travel (2013), playing the young Lee Jin-wook.

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Starring in one drama after another, Park Hyung-sik played a supporting role in star-studded SBS drama The Heirs as Kim Woo-bin’s childhood friend. Their bromance is something you shouldn’t miss!

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If you can’t get enough of Park Hyung-sik, then watch 50-episode family drama, What Happens to My Family where he played Cha Dal-bong, one of the three ‘un-fillial’ children sued by their father to teach them about life. His cute chemistry with Nam Ji-hyun is also a must-see.

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In 2015, Park Hyung-sik made a cameo in mNet’s youth musical drama, Persevere Gu Hae-ra where he played one of the lead actor’s friends.

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Now, to one of my personal favorites – High Society. In this KBS drama, Park Hyung-sik played a chaebol playboy who fell in love with a poor girl played by Im Ji-yeon. They’re only playing supporting roles but they really stole the show by their kilig and dramatic scenes. Also, I’m still dying of envy of Park Hyung-sik’s hair in that drama until now.

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In the following year, Park Hyung-sik ventured into a historical drama revolving around the ‘flower warriors’ of Silla called Hwarang. Hyung-sik played a king who was hidden from his people all his life by his mother to protect him. He then came under the guise of being a Hwarang to prepare himself from the throne. Hyung-sik was really great in this drama that I’ve rooted for him more than the main actor.

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Just barely a month after Hwarang, Park Hyung-sik followed it up immediately with rom-com, Strong Woman Do Bong-soon – and the rest is history. He captured every fangirl’s (and certainly Do Bong-soon’s) heart after playing the cutesy CEO Ahn Min-hyuk. His bromance with co-actor Ji Soo is equally entertaining, you want them to have a drama of their own. LOL. Strong Woman Do Bong-soon also recorded the highest ratings for the cable network, jTBC. Great job, Park Hyung-sik!

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2018 – Suits – Seok Go Yeon-Woo

phs 13

2019 – Juror 8 (Movie) – Kwon Nam-woo

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