Perfect Pout: Top 10 Oppas w/ the Most Kissable Lips

Ji Chang-Wook

No questions asked, Wookie is a certified “higop king” in almost all of his kissing scenes.

Ahjumma’s Pick: Suspicious Partner Episode 17

lips 1 ji chang wook

Lee Dong-wook

Okay. Let’s settle this, I’m not a big fan of this oppa before but after seeing him as the Grim Reaper all I can think about is his irresistable lips hihihi 💋💋💋

Ahjumma’s Pick: Wild Romance Ep 09

lips 1 lee dongwook

Yook Sung-jae

It’s so obvious why this beautiful creature is included in this list and I can’t wait for the day he’ll use those full lips in a steamy kissing scene.

Ahjumma’s Pick: School 2015 Episode 15

lips 3 sungjae

Lee Jong-suk

Once you see this oppa, all you will think about is how kissable his lips are.

Ahjumma’s Pick: W – Two Worlds Episode 07

lips 4 lee jongsuk

Ryu Jun-yeol

This oppa is one of my guilty pleasures and so are his lips.

Ahjumma’s Pick: Lucky Romance Ep 10

lips 5 ryu junyeol

Seo Kang-joon

We can agree that this oppa gave the hottest kissing scenes in Entourage that most of it seems to be NSFW 

Ahjumma’s Pick: Entourage Episode 06

lips 6 seo kang joon

Yoon Kyun-sang

Many may not be that familiar with this oppa but I think he has one of the most kissable pair of lips in K-Dramaverse.

Ahjumma’s Pick: The Rebel Ep 07

lips 7 yoo kyunsang

Yoo Ah-in

No explanation needed. I’ll ravage those lips any time of the day. And I think @grumpyahjumma will agree with me on this one haha!

Ahjumma’s Pick: Fashion King Ep 16

lips 8 yoo ahin

Seo In-guk

This list won’t be complete without this oppa. When you say kissable lips, the first actor that comes to my mind is Seo In-guk. He’s the oppa that will assure you to always give a “higop” kissing scene 

Ahjumma’s Pick: Reply 1997 Ep 14

lips 9 seo inguk

Ji Soo

I cannot wait for the day that this oppa will give us a full on kissing scene with those hot lips!

lips 10 jisoo

BONUS: Park Seo-joon

This oppa may not have the fullest lips but after seeing his “tounge action” in Fight My Way I just HAVE to include him in this list.

Ahjumma’s Pick: Fight My Way Ep 04

lips bonus park seojoon

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