I Surrender: Top 10 Hottest Uniformed Oppas

This list was originally posted in 2017 on our Facebook Page.

Whether you’re guilty or innocent, these sizzling uniformed men will definitely make you surrender with their charms. Meet our Top 10 hottest cops and soldiers who will make you say “arrest me oppa!” So, whose hotness can’t you resist?

  • Ji Chang-wook
    (Kim Je-ha – K2)Who can make a list of the hottest cops and spies without Wookie?

uniform 1

  • Song Joong-ki
    (Capt. Yoo Si-jin – Descendants of the Sun)Okay, Big Boss broke my heart a little when he announced his wedding but it’s a no brainer that he is one of the hottest soldiers in K-Drama land.

uniform 2

  • Yook Sung-jae
    (Park Woo-jae – The Village: Achiara’s Secret)Sung-jae played the cute and young officer in this thriller drama. If you’re into psychopaths and ghosts and want to have a bit of a fright night, I recommend The Village: Achiara’s Secret starring Moon Geun-young.

uniform 3

  • Lee Jun-ki
    (Kim Hyun-joon – Criminal Minds)The Korean adaptation of Criminal Minds has not aired yet but I’m more than 100% sure that Jun-ki oppa will slay me with his oozing hotness.

uniform 4

  • Ahn Bo-hyun
    (Im Gwang-nam a.k.a. Piccolo – Descendants of the Sun)Remember this hot member of the Alpha Team? Hihihi his stares will definitely make you sweat.

uniform 5

  • Lee Joon
    (Yoon Shi-hyuk – Iris II)This Iris spy is one whose charms you can’t resist. There’s something about Lee Joon’s eyes that is irresistably sexy.

uniform 6

  • Lim Ju-hwan
    (Choi Sung-jae – Oh My Ghostess)Okay, oppa gave me the creeps as the sociopath and possessed police officer in Oh My Ghostess but you can’t deny that he’s one hella good looking cop.

uniform 7

  • Lee Seung-gi
    (Eun Dae-gu – You’re All Surrounded)I’m sure you already miss this oppa to return to the small screen. Let’s pray to the K-Drama genies that we’ll get to see him soon.

uniform 8

  • Ahn Jae-hyun
    (Park Tae-il – You’re All Surrounded)If cops look this good, damn, I’ll have a long list of criminal record.

uniform 9

  • Ji Soo
    (In Guk-doo – Strong Woman Do Bong-soon)I will freakin live in jail if Jisoo oppa will be my prison warden.

uniform 10

  • EXO’s D.O. – Do Kyung-sooOoooh, this is just me being a fan girl who can’t wait to see D.O. play a detective or a cop.

uniform 11

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