In Spotlight: Kim Go-eun Filmography

Many think Kim Go-eun is an unconventional beauty, but this actress also has an exceptional versatility when it comes to acting. She has done a variety of genres both in TV and film and has given life to each and every character outstandingly. So for this version of In Spotlight, let’s have a look at the Goblin’s Bride’s diverse filmography. Ready? Ready!

A Muse (2012) – Han Eun-gyo

Kim Go-eun has made her acting debut via 2012 movie, A Muse. She gained critical reception for her acting and even won several Best New Actress awards including trophies from Blue Dragon Film Awards and New York Asian Film Festival.

kge 2

Neverdie Butterfly (2013) – Moon Soo-yeon

She made a cameo appearance in the 2013 youth drama flick Neverdie Butterfly.

Monster (2014) – Bok-soon

Despite her success, Kim Go-eun shied away from doing films for two years to finish her degree. In 2014, she made her mainstream movie comeback via thriller, Monster. She played a developmentally challenged woman whose younger sister is murdered by a ruthless serial killer played by Lee Min-ki.

kge 3

Coin Locker Girl (2015) – Il-young

In 2015, Kim Go-eun acted in the movie, Coin Locker Girl together with Kim Hye-soo, Go Kyung-pyo and Park Bo-gum. She played Il-yeong, the trusted right hand the boss of loan shark and organ trafficking crime ring in Chinatown.

kge 4

Memories of the Sword (2015) – Seol-hee

In the same year, she starred in a martial arts-themed movie, Memories of the Sword with her longtime role model, Jeon Do-yeon. Kim Go-eun gave life to the role of Seol-hee, a swordswoman’s daughter who was trained to take revenge to another swordsman who betrayed her mother.

kge 5

The Advocate: A Missing Body (2015) – Prosecutor Jin Sun-mi

Kim Go-eun followed Memories of the Sword with yet another movie called The Advocate: A Missing Body where she played Jin Su-mi, a passionate rookie prosecutor.

kge 6

Cheese in the Trap (tvN / 2016) – Hong-seol

In 2016, Kim Go-eun made her TV debut via drama adaptation of the hyped webtoon series, Cheese in the Trap. She played the character of hardworking student Hong-seol who fell in love with the sunbae she used to suspect of having bad intentions towards her. In an interview, she said she accepted the role mainly because she’s a big fan of the Coffee Prince director. She also revealed that she chose to do ‘Cheese in the Trap’ because the story appealed to her. She said it is a work through which she could think about a person’s complicated thoughts.

kge 7

Canola (2016) – Hye-ji

In the same year, Kim Go-eun returned to the movies via Canola where she played Hye-ji, a troubled teenager who is reunited with her grandmother, Gye-Choon after 12 years.

kge 8

Goblin (tvN / 2016-2017) – Ji Eun-tak

In 2016, she took another TV role and accepted the lead female role opposite Gong Yoo in the massively successful fantasy drama, Goblin.

kge 9

Sunset In My Hometown (Movie/2018) – Sun-mi

In the following year, she returned to the big screen through the movie Sunset in my Hometown. The movie, directed by Lee Joon-ik, also stars Park Jung-min, Go Jun, and Go-eun’s real-life close friend Shin Hyun-been.

kge 10

Tune in for Love (Movie/2019) – Mi-Soo

In 2019, Kim Go-eun and Jung Hae-in delivered perfect chemistry in the melo-romance movie Tune in for Love.

kge 11

The King: Eternal Monarch (SBS/2020) – Jung Tae-eul/Luna

She proved her versatility once again – this time in a TV role – through the Kim Eun-sook-penned fantasy series, The King: Eternal Monarch. She played two roles in the series Republic of Korea’s detective Jung Tae-eul and Kingdom of Corea’s Luna.

The King Eternal Monarch Kim Go eun

Untact (Short Film/2020) – Soo-jin

Amidst the pandemic, Kim Go-eun starred in a short film that aimed to deliver a message of hope for love and communication to people living in the era of new normal.

Yumi’s Cells (tvN-TVING / 2021) – Kim Yu-mi

She topbills the TV adaptation of hit webtoon series Yumi’s Cells. The series also stars Ahn Bo-hyun, Lee Yu-bi, and Park Jin-young.

*This list was originally posted on our Facebook page in 2017. Minor revisions were made to update the actress’ filmography.

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