In Spotlight: Kim Go-eun Filmography

Many think Kim Go-eun is an unconventional beauty, but I’m telling you this actress also has an unexceptional versatility when it comes to acting. She has done a variety of genres both in TV and film and has given life to each and every character outstandingly. So for this week’s IN SPOTLIGHT, let’s have a look at the Goblin’s Bride’s diverse filmography. Ready? Ready!

Kim Go-eun has made her acting debut via 2012 movie, A Muse. She plays the character of a young woman named Eun-gyo who awakens the lust of two men around him. She gained critical reception for her acting and even won several Best New Actress awards.

[Warning: The movie contains Rated R scenes.]

kge 2

Despite her success, Kim Go-eun shied away from doing films for two years to finish her degree. In 2014, she made her mainstream movie comeback via thriller, Monster. She played a developmentally challenged woman whose younger sister is murdered by a ruthless serial killer played by Lee Min-ki.

kge 3

In 2015, Kim Go-eun acted in the movie, Coin Locker Girl together with Kim Hye-soo, Go Kyung-pyo and Park Bo-gum. She played Il-yeong, the trusted right hand the boss of loan shark and organ trafficking crime ring in Chinatown.

kge 4

In the same year, she starred in a martial arts-themed movie, Memories of the Sword with her longtime role model, Jeon Do-yeon. Kim Go-eun gave life to the role of Seol-hee, a swordswoman’s daughter who was trained to take revenge to another swordsman who betrayed her mother.

kge 5

Kim Go-eun followed Memories of the Sword with yet another movie called The Advocate: A Missing Body where she played Jin Su-mi, a passionate rookie prosecutor.

kge 6

In 2016, Kim Go-eun made her TV debut via drama adaptation of the hyped webtoon series, Cheese in the Trap. She played the character of hardworking student Hong-seol who fell in love with the sunbae she used to suspect of having bad intentions towards her. In an interview, she said she accepted the role mainly because she’s a big fan of the Coffee Prince director. The drama could have been her major breakthrough, but things went controversial after the director deviated from the original story of the webtoon.

kge 7

In the same year, Kim Go-eun returned to the movies via Canola where she played Hye-ji, a troubled teenager who is reunited with her grandmother, Gye-Choon after 12 years.

kge 8

The Cheese controversy didn’t scare Kim Go-eun from taking another TV role and accepted the lead female role opposite Gong Yoo in the massively successful fantasy drama, Goblin. She initially drew criticisms for her acting as the young and cheerful Goblin’s bride, Ji Eun-tak but then disproved all the sceptics with her superb acting. Currently, Goblin holds the highest rating ever recorded for TvN and for all the cable networks in South Korea.

kge 9

Sunset In My Hometown (Movie/2018) – Sun-Mi

kge 10

Tune in for Love (Movie/2019) – Mi-Soo

kge 11

The King: Eternal Monarch (SBS/2020) – Jung Tae-eul/Luna

The King Eternal Monarch Kim Go eun

Untact (Short Film/2020) – Soo-jin

*This list was originally posted on our Facebook page in 2017. Minor revisions were made to update the actress’ filmography.

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