K-Drama Reaction: Be Melodramatic | Episodes 7-8

Beom-soo and Jin-joo

This director and writer tandem would make a cute couple with these two oddballs! I loved Beom-soo in Episode 5 so much. His lines were the highlight of the hour. From the way he convinced Hwan-dong to take on the directorial job offer made by Writer Jung. In these two episodes, we saw Jin-joo struggle in writing one of the most important moments in a drama – the love confession. She wanted to write a memorable one, something with impact yet realistic. And every time she imagined a scene, we saw Beom-soo and her reenacting it in her head. But that didn’t stop the show from taking it a notch higher in the feelz zone. Beom-soo and Jin-joo even reenacted “dating” in real life in order for Jin-joo to really get into that ~loving~ feeling. Those cute “something like this” scenes killed me!!!!!!

Jin-joo and Han-joo

On to the more serious events, while Jin-joo was busy contemplating on the confession scene, she was also being courted at the same time by Han-joo’s employer. Han-joo talked her into signing with their production company with a decent offer. If she accepted, she would be their first ever writer in their new venture into producing own dramas. But since Han-joo’s employer was considered a rookie in the field, it’s really hard to sign writers. Beom-soo made the situation even harder by receiving an offer from a more established production house. This might seem really hard because other friendships that faced this kind of dilemma would interpret it as betrayal, but not for Jin-joo and Han-joo. Our girls even called it a happy concern, and Han-joo was the best friend one could ever ask for. It hurts but she can’t be mad at her friend for being torn between her and a stable career.

Han-joo and Lee So-jin Depyunim

Han-joo’s depyunim is the perfect mentor. She seemed to be always precise in everything she does and knows her job too well. She inspires everyone around her and even made Han-joo love her job despite the lack of experience and knowledge in the beginning of her career. But this incident with Beom-soo and Jin-joo made Han-joo’s depyunim become more human to us. It made me see her not only through the eyes of Han-joo as her perfect boss, but also as a strong, independent woman who is still vulnerable to pain. And this one project hurts big time. It grounds them and makes their bond as sunbae-hoobae go beyond work.

Jae-hoon and Ha-yoon

From one hoobae to another, damn Jae-hoon kills me every week. I love his character so much. One moment he is cute as a puppy, the next thing you know, he is an annoying love struck martyr. In Episode 5, we saw how Jae-hoon and Ha-yoon met, and by the way their first conversation went, I could now fully declare that their relationship was doomed from the very start. Maybe Jae-hoon’s phone went into that drainage to warn him and prevent him to talk to Ha-yoon. LOL.


Let’s talk about Ha-yoon now. This bitch had the nerve to snoop on her boyfriend’s phone. She even followed him and crashed his dinner with Han-joo. Not that I am siding with Jae-hoon about that dinner because if I’m the girlfriend, I would also ask him about it. But not to the point of acting pathetically in front of the woman in question (who is also her boyfriend’s immediate head by the way!) Also, how dare Ha-yoon for acting that way when a few weeks ago she just admitted in Jae-hoon’s face that she slept with another man!

Anyway, as much as I’d like to stay objective and neutral, because @maknaeahjumma mentioned the possibility of Jae-hoon doing a grave mistake in the past for Ha-yoon to be acting this way now. But no amount of past fault could justify her defective judgment, consistent partying, and most importantly, cheating! They have a very toxic relationship and it’s obvious that both of them are not happy anymore. What’s the use of staying together when you’re both pulling each other down?

Eun-jung’s depression

Oh my good Lord, someone hug Eun-jung, please. Her breakdown in Episode 8 was just so perfectly executed! As I said in my earlier reactions, So-min could play a big role in Eun-jung’s healing process. And yes, she indeed helped our girl realize her current hallucinations without appearing to be offensive or confrontational. And as Eun-jung watched herself on cam talking to Hong Dae’s imagination, it felt like she woke up from deep sleep and realized that Hong Dae was gone and she was talking to his imagination all this time.

Be Melo 7-8 (2)


Beom-soo and Hwan-dong
Beom-soo being the mature sunbae to Hwan-dong makes me proud.

Hwan-dong and Da-mi
These two makes a perfect couple in the future – the ex-boyfriend and the blabbermouth! I was teary eyed when Beom-soo gave a very sound career advice to Hwan-dong, but Da-mi’s translated it as Beom-soo trying to get rid of Hwan-dong because of Jin-joo! Gossipers!


Hwan-dong and Writer Jung
I’m always annoyed by Writer Jung being always so full of herself, but man was she funny when she felt giddy about Hwan-dong “liking her work.” Hahaha I loved how her eardrums interpreted Hwan-dong’s words perfectly to her liking.

So-min and Min-joon Manager 
Ahhh, these two breaks my heart. Now that we know about their back story, it all makes sense why Min-joon had to turn down that scouting offer. So-min and Min-joon’s history goes way back high school. He has been protecting her since they were immature kids. I’m not saying they have matured already, but one thing’s for sure – So-min and Min-joon’s love for each other is evident and hopefully, would stand these trying times.

Here is Be Melodramatic’s OST Part 3 sang by Jang Beom-june – “Your Shampoo Scent In the Flowers”

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