In Spotlight: Sung Hoon Filmography

There’s a new oppa in the block that’s making every fan girl swoon. Who is he? It’s no other than Sung Hoon! Sung Hoon might be stereotyped as the handsome chabeol in almost all of his dramas, but this actor is actually multi-talented! He’s a professional swimmer for 14 years and is also a DJ under the name of ROI. And with that smoldering gaze, kissable lips and chocolate abs! Sung Hoon really brings ‘sexy’ to the new heights! Agree, Agree? Ahjumammshies! Lo and behold! SUNG HOON!

Unlike other rookie actors, Sung Hoon landed on a lead role in his very first drama. He starred as Ah Da-mo in 2011 melodrama, New Tales of Gisaeng who’s an arrogant chabeol but who is excellent in sports, business — and women! And though, it’s his debut drama, he proved that he does have acting skills by winning the SBS New Star Award.

sh 2

In 2012, he played Guo Xu in the Chinese drama, Bodyguard who is (obviously) a bodyguard! Well, if you want our oppa sporting the long hair-do, you can check it out!

sh 3

From one period drama to another, Sung Hoon plays a villain who possesses a deadly flute in the fantasy-saeguk, Faith. Yes, it’s the one who starred big stars, Lee Min-ho and Kim Hee-sun.

sh 4

In 2013, Sung Hoon continued playing an antagonist with his role, Han Ji-hoon in 115-episode SBS drama, The Birth of a Family.

sh 5

In the same year, he played a chabeol again via SBS drama, Passionate Love as Kang Moo-yool.

sh 6

The next year, Sung Hoon tried doing web drama by playing the role of Min-soo in 6 Persons Room. Min-soo is successful businessman and womanizer until he suffers an injury and finds himself in a hospital surrounded by strange patients. Sounds interesting right?

sh 7

In 2015, Sung Hoon played a chabeol (yet again) in NAVER TV’s webtoon adapation, Noble, My Love opposite Rainbow’s Jaekyung.

sh 8

Sung Hoon returned to mainstream media in 2015 by playing professional boxer, Jang Joon-sung AKA “Korean Snake” in So Ji-sub-Shin Min-ah starrer, Oh My Venus.

sh 9

In 2016, Sung Hoon captured the hearts of Korean women after playing professional golfer, Kim Sang-min opposite actresss Shin Hye-sun in KBS weekend drama, Five Children. Their chemistry between the two is certainly undeniable.

sh 10

This one got me surprised as I was really not aware of this drama called IDOLM@STER.KR. Based on information available, this drama is based on Bandai Namco Entertainment’s The Idolmaster video game series. Sung Hoon apparently played a role of a producer named Kang Shin-hyuk.

sh 11

Unlike to IDOLKM@STER.KR, this Sung Hoon drama is making waves now. it’s called My Secret Romance which is the very first romance drama for OCN. Sung Hoon plays the role of Cha Min-wook, a chabeol who had a one night stand with a woman he had just met named Lee Yoo-mi (Song Ji-eun). Three years later, the two meet again when Yoo-mi becomes a nutritionist at the company cafeteria where Jin-wook works.
Heart-fluttering? Definitely!

sh 12

The Sound of Your Heart Reboot (Netflix/2018) – Jo Suk

sh 13

I Picked Up a Celebrity on the Street (Oksusu/2018) – Kang Joon-hyuk

Brothers in Heaven (Movie/2018) – Tae-Sung

sh 15

Level Up (MBN/2019) – An Dan-Te

sh 14

My Secret Star (Arirang TV/2020) – Jin

Are You In Love? (Movie/2020) – Seung-jae

Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) (TV Chosun/2021) – Pan Sa-hyun

*This list was originally posted on our Facebook page in 2017. Minor revisions were made to update the actor’s filmography.

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